2021 Wild Cherry Red Camaro Image Surfaces Online

The Chevrolet Camaro is potentially living on borrowed time. The next generation model (if one exists) is still a few years away, and the current generation offering has been getting pummeled in the sales race by Challenger and Mustang. But Chevrolet is not giving up on the Camaro just yet, and it appears that the company still has a rabbit or two up its hat if a new report from GMAuthority is to be believed.


With rumors swirling since last year about the potential demise of the Camaro, it’s refreshing to see that GM is at least still going to be offering styling packages for the beloved pony car. One of these is the Wild Cherry design package, and an image obtained by the website appears to be our first glimpse at the upcoming package. While the lone image only focuses on the exterior, it does show a very vivid shade of red, and there are separate reports suggesting that there will also be some enhancements made to the cabin.

In addition, it appears that the Wild Cherry design package will be split into two distinct sub-levels. The first one goes by the order code PDL and it serves as the entry level version of the package. PDL models get black metallic hash stripes, 20-inch five spoke polished alloy wheels, and a healthy infusion of Camaro logos including on the mud flaps, wheel caps, floor mats, and Camaro adorned fender badges. The second version of this package (allegedly shown by GMA’s image) goes by the order code PDN and it appears to be a noticeable step upwards. In addition to all the styling touches offered by the first package, PDN adds a black fuel filler cap with a carbon insert, Carbon Flash Metallic ground effects, as well as either a black, silver or black metallic center stripe. A black suede full knee blocker reportedly wraps up the interior enhancements which leads further credence to the theory that Chevy is largely keeping the upgrades in the cabin focused purely on the design side of things. The Wild Cherry Edition package will be available on virtually all Camaro models with the exception of the 1LT and the range topping ZL1 trims.


GM for its part is sticking to the tried and true route of neither confirming nor denying this particular report, but the appearance of this image suggests that Camaro buyers will not have to wait very long for the package to appear. Chevrolet could perhaps make an announcement as early as late fall or prefer to hold off until 2021 before issuing an announcement.

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