Hyundai Goes To The Darkside With 2021 Kona Night Edition:

A trip to the dark side has proven to be very popular with buyers over the last few years, with black accents and a minor suite of upgrades translating into a sales winner for many automakers. Hyundai is the latest automaker to join this rapidly growing trend, and has formally unveiled the all new 2021 Kona Night Edition.

As the name implies, this particular iteration of the Kona offers gloss black accents in areas where buyers might find standard chrome or other bright work that helps create a very distinctive look. The end result is a very dark monotone theme, but Hyundai has also made Chalk White an available color for the Night Edition which is not only a very strange looking combination, but it could also cause plenty of people to stare at the Kona as it drives by. Along with the obvious removal of the bright work, the Night Edition is also equipped with 18-inch Rays aluminium wheels which are finished in a semi-gloss black finish. With the Kona already being a very monochromatic canvas to start with, so the rims will arguably be the most significant difference between the Night Edition and a standard Kona model. In addition to the fore-mentioned Chalk White, buyers can also choose from two other colors (Ultra Black and Galactic Grey.)


While the exterior prefers to play it safe, the interior prefers to be much bolder with its suite of changes, with the silver trim on the door handles and various other interior pieces all getting the blacked out treatment. The most prominent exception will be the aluminum pedals which greet the drivers feet when they have the chance to nestle themselves inside for a drive. Performance for the Night Edition comes from a 1.6 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine which is good for 175 horsepower, and is paired with a seven-speed DCT automatic transmission. This is the same setup that is found in higher grade Konas, but Hyundai stopped short of confirming whether the Night Edition will be confined to a particular trim level, or if all-wheel drive will be part of the package.

Hyundai does not have any specific pricing or production information for the Night Edition, but the Korean car maker did reveal that the Night Edition will be offered in limited numbers, with the first batch of models being shipped off to dealerships starting in September. We are hoping to hear more information about the Kona Night Edition, especially if there are any more surprises that make it stand out from a standard Kona.