Dodge Puts The Brakes On Challenger ACR Rumors, Denies That It Is Building One

The world was a buzz last week when rumors appeared suggesting that Dodge was beginning development of an ACR version of its Challenger muscle car. With a badge last worn by the axed Dodge Viper and some of the aerodynamic magic that defined that curvaceous two door, the report certainly had all the essential details that many enthusiasts desired. However, according to Dodge, the rumors are not true, with the performance brand confirming that one is indeed not happening.


The confirmation came via a report from the publication Autoweek with the publication quoting an unidentified Dodge spokesman who was quoted as saying “it’s not happening” when asked on the subject. Rumors surrounding the now debunked model first began bubbling to the surface late last year, but really picked up momentum last week, when a new round of reports posted by Allpar helped add new fuel to the fire. That report revealed that the ACR would arrive in two variants, one based on the 6.4 liter Scat Pack, and a range topper that would have shared its bones with the 797 horsepower Hellcat Redeye.

While Dodge dumping water on the rumors certainly ends a very intriguing trip down the rabbit hole, the brand was perhaps wise to do so. If the ACR was indeed in development, the model would have had to face a number of hurdles in order to make it fully into production. For starters, Dodge engineers would have had to work with the limitations of the Challenger’s LY platform. While the underpinnings have proven to be a very flexible platform in terms of the number of models that Dodge has made over the years, much of its core structure is still from 2008, and is based on a leftover from Chrysler’s time with Mercedes Benz. Another hurdle is the sheer size and weight challenges that Dodge engineers would have had to contend with. The Shelby GT500 and the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 are relatively agile opponents in the muscle car segment, and while the debunked ACR would have certainly packed the muscle to swing into their weight class, its heavy curb weight and large proportions would have hindered it in a dog fight with the duo.