Ford Unleashes Certified Bronco Online Community, Aims To Expand Bronco Following With Forums, Merchandise, and More [Video]

Ford is very keen on making the revived Ford Bronco into a serious competitor against the Jeep Wrangler. While the Bronco will bring alot of off-road equipment, customization, and technology to buyers in an attempt to steal sales, Ford execs know that the Bronco also needs to build a versatile community that can be on par with the massive following enjoyed by Wrangler fans. The Dearborn automaker has done just that, and has revealed its first certified and nationally recognized online community –


The site in question offers many of the basic features that one would expect including a strong forum community, a page where one can find the latest Ford Bronco news, and even a membership map that can be used to find communities, events, trail maps, and so much more. The map even has several gatherings already listed, though it remains to be seen whether any of them are taking place due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Members can also create more impromptu round up events, with the site itself giving a ton of leeway on what can be scheduled by registered members. This includes trail cleanup initiatives, member meet ups, and other unspecified opportunities.

An online store is also part of the package, and while the merchandise selection is small at the moment, look for that to rapidly change once the site has more time to get up and running. Further building this community will be special sections where visitors can check out customer stories, how to guides, video tutorials, and featured builds. The section will also serve as a portal for customers, with the space occasionally hosting opportunities for them to engage with Bronco and off-road experts.

As it stands, the website offers a sizable pool of content, and will undoubtedly face stiff competition from well established Bronco forums that have had more time to make a name for themselves. However, with its unique status as the only certified and recognized Bronco community on the world wide web, look for Ford to funnel as many Bronco buyers to the website as possible. But a well polished website won;t be able to do much if the Bronco is not around to take advantage of the publicity, but Ford has stated in the past that it intends to fix that very soon. The Bronco was originally supposed to debut at the 2020 New York Auto Show before it was cancelled due to COVID-19 related concerns. A second attempt at Dearborn was also scrubbed after Michigan enacted a statewide lock down (which is slowly being lifted as of this writing.)


Ford claims that the Bronco could make its appearance in spring, but the company has so far not revealed a formal date when this will occur. But look for the company to possibly release more information and teasers over the next few weeks before its debut takes place.


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