2021 Cadillac Escalade To feature Super Cruise, $2500 Option Expands Availability Of Revolutionary Technology

Cadillac’s innovative Super Cruise technology has had a very rocky launch since it was first formally unveiled in the CT6 sedan a few years ago. Back then, Cadillac promised to roll out the technology across the bulk of its lineup, but those plans largely never materialized, and the system remained a CT6 exclusive. But that’s all changing now, with the 2021 Escalade being the next recipient of the technology according to a report from the Cadillac Society forum.

According to the site’s report, Cadillac plans to make Super Cruise optional on all but the base model Escalade for the 2021 model year. When that happens, the Super Cruise technology will reside in two different pricing ladders depending on which trim level is selected. On Premium Luxury and Sport models, Super Cruise will cost $2,500, but it requires buyers to add the $3,650 Driver Assist and Technology package that bundles in adaptive cruise control, automatic seat belt tightening, soft close doors, and an impressive suite of safety and driver assistance technology. In total the two packages combined are a lofty $6,150 for the middle two trim levels. Top tier Luxury Platinum and Sport Platinum models on the other hand already add the Drivers Assistance Package as a piece of standard equipment, which makes the Super Cruise a no fuss $2,500 add-on. As a bonus, the pricing is unchanged on both the standard model as well as the extended wheelbase ESV model.


The addition of Super Cruise to the Escalade comes after Cadillac revealed the improvements that the brand has made to the SAE Level 2 autonomous driving system with the key change being an automated lane change feature. This particular addition activates after the driver flips the turn signal stalk with the Super Cruise system automatically changing lanes when it senses an opening in traffic where it can make the maneuver safely. Other improvements are focused on improving the smoothness and response of the system as well as an additional 70,000 miles of mapped roads which should make long road trips easier. We hope that the expanded map includes more areas of western Michigan which had rather spotty coverage when compared to areas closer to Metro Detroit.


After the Super Cruise system makes its debut on the Escalade, the CT4 and CT5 sedans and the XT6 SUV are slated to receive the system in the near future, with Super Cruise having the potential to give the XT6 a distinctive edge over the Lincoln Aviator when it comes to the battle of innovation. A few years ago, there were rumors that the system could find its way to the XT5 and the XT4 which would have helped the system go full circle in its integration into the broader Cadillac lineup. But it appears that won’t happen for the next few years, and Cadillac has so far not formally confirmed whether the two models in question will ever get it or not.