Lexus LS Could Bring Back V8 Hybrid Power, Four Cylinder Option Also Rumored

When Lexus introduced the current generation LS flagship sedan a few years ago, it was supposed to bring some much needed aggression to one of the marque’s most iconic models. The design was sleeker, the interior was more luxurious than ever, and Lexus promised to make more of an effort at targeting segment benchmarks like the Mercedes S-Class as well as the BMW 7-Series. However, some folks were disappointed to see that a V8 option was not available, with the twin-turbocharged V6 being the only power plant offered. But according to a new report from Japanese publication Mag-X, it appears that Lexus will be addressing that flaw with a pair of new engines.

The first alleged new engine is a new V8 that will bring eight cylinder power back to the model while also paring it with a mild-hybrid system. It’s not known what V8 could find its way under the hood, but look for Lexus to most likely use an existing V8 possibly from either the LC coupe or even the F models to help cut costs while still being able to fit it under the hood of the LS. Horsepower is also unknown, but it is important to remember that the previous generation LS 600h made a combined 439 horsepower with its electrified 5.0 liter V8. This is already a bump up from the 415 horsepower offered in the twin-turbo V6, but torque figures do fall behind those offered by the V6.

With the V8 potentially filling one end of the spectrum, Mag-X also revealed that the Japanese auto giant could potentially bring a four cylinder option to help give the LS a true base model in some markets. While the U.S. market will most likely not see this particular engine, it would help fill the void left by the axed GS sedan in some global markets. The four cylinder would also help bring the LS down to a lower price point in these markets which would help greatly improve the accessibility of the model for buyers especially those that might have been put off by the V6’s higher price.


The current generation LS recently received a minor suite of updates for 2020, and we even had the chance to drive such a model a short while ago., But look for more information on this subject to be revealed in the near future when the LS is due for a more extensive mid-cycle refresh possibly as early as the 2021 or 2022 model year. These two model years could potentially be when the V8 makes its appearance, and Lexus would most likely tease it a bit before the variant is fully unveiled.