Sony shocks with Vision-S Concept Preview.

Watch out Tesla! Apple beaten to the punch! Sony previews their entry into the future of the automobile. Doing what only a true electronics giant can, Sony touches every aspect of the modern automobile with its legacy of moving electrons to provide customers with style and substance.

In the age where many automobile analysts espouse that people don’t want to drive their cars, they want to drive their iPhones, it appears that Sony has embraced that and lined every nook and cranny with portable device feature goodness. DriveMan or “Drive your Walk-Man”, perhaps?

Sony Vision-S Official Page

Quick Specs (More to come)

Passengers. 4 seats with Individual Seat Speaker
Weight. 5,180 lbs (2,350 kg)
Power. 200 kW x 2 (Front / Rear)
Acceleration. 4.8 s 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h)
Vmax. 149 mph (240 km/h)
Axle system. Double wishbone front and rear suspension / Air spring system
Drive  All-Wheel Drive
Ground Clearance. 120 mm~135 mm
Tire size. 245/40R21 (Front) 275/35R21 (Rear)

James grew up in an Indiana community where the auto industry was at its heart. His first car was an Olds 442, and many of his classmates had their father’s hand-me-down muscle cars. Met his wife in college. They have three children. Survived esophageal cancer. Is passionate about enjoying his second chance and his automotive interests further that goal.

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