GM Interior Sketch Appears To Confirm Upcoming Corvette Z06

General Motors has released an all new teaser sketch for an all new Corvette interior configuration, and it appears that the company has perhaps inadvertently confirmed that the long awaited and long rumored mid-engine Z06 is at last becoming a production reality.


The folks at CNET apparently received the sketch in question from Chevrolet representatives, and it was billed as “an early render of a potential interior configuration” though the firm stopped short of formally confirming exactly what interior was featured. However, the steering wheel has a very prominent Z06 badge, which is a very potent clue as to the identity of the mystery interior. Further proof emerges when you look at the materials that adorn the interior in the sketch. There is an abundant amount of carbon fiber trim in the cabin, with the digital instrument cluster showing a map of the Mugello Circuit in Italy.  The display also shows a mysterious “ARM” mode, with a separate red button being labeled “Spec” mode. This could indicate that the upcoming Stingray will make use of many of the recent innovations that GM has created on the racetrack, with the two modes possibly having their origins out on the racetrack.


Numerous rumors have suggested that the C8 Vette will house several distinct powertrain options, with the Z06 expected to share its engine with the recently unveiled C8.R race car, which means a street version of that model’s 5.5 liter naturally aspirated mill with a novel flat plane crank to help improve its on track performance. While the UAW strike stalled production of the base 2020 C8 Corvette, the ripple effect could see the Z06 appear in about a year or so, with more teasers possibly being released towards the end of the year. But separate rumors suggest that the Z06 will play second fiddle to a decidedly more powerful flagship edition that will eventually make its appearance. Tentatively dubbed the “Zora” edition, this particular model is expected to receive a much more powerful hybrid powerplant to help it compete with other hypercar entries that have embraced green technology to not only improve performance, but also fuel economy at the same time.


As mentioned look for more details on the Z06 to gradually emerge either as early as later this year, or sometime in 2020. The last generation Z06 helped push the envelope of the C7 Corvette’s track and street performance ambitions, and we suspect that the shift to a mid-engine layout as well as a whole host of track honed innovations will help the Z06 push itself into a higher plane of performance.

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