Acura Reveals Hand Built PMC Edition TLX and MDX Ahead of New York Debut [Video]

With all the performance infused muscle that will be making their way onto the floor of the 2019 New York Auto Show, Acura did not want to be left out in the spring sunshine, and has revealed that attendees to this year’s show will recieve a unique surprise (two all new special edition models.)

Dubbed the PMC edition, Acura claims that the basic framework for these special TLX and MDX models was inspired by the bespoke capabilities of the brand’s Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio, with the TLX PMC driving home this point by being hand assembled at the facility. The TLX PMC will also be joined on stage by the MDX PMC, but unlike the sedan, the MDX version is a late stage prototype, with production expected to kickoff sometime after the TLX PMC is launched.

“We designed the PMC not only to build NSX, but to give Acura the flexibility to explore handcrafted production of limited edition models,” said Jon Ikeda, Acura Brand Officer. “The TLX and MDX PMC Edition are the first to take advantage of this unique capability, and we intend to explore additional options.”

The TLX PMC for its part, will replace the A-Spec model as the flagship offering, and will certainly stand out from the crowd thanks to its trim exclusive Valencia Red Pearl paint that infuses novel nano-pigment technology into its surface to help create “The highest quality most vibrant paint ever offered on an Acura.”

To ensure that no blemishes escape the factory, Acura has enacted a rigorous inspection process, with the painting and subsequent inspection process taking five days to complete.


Like other special edition models, the TLX PMC starts life as a standard bodied variant, with the body itself being shipped to the PMC in Maryville, Ohio. Once it arrives there, the body is painted, and the car is then hand assembled by trained technicians. This human focused effort includes components such as the wiring, chassis, engine, and even the cabin itself. This is largely similar to how the much more expensive NSX supercar is built, and that should make the lucky owners of these cars feel even more special (especially after they glance at the center console mounted numeric plaque.


Since the PMC is a hybrid of the A-Spec and the decidedly more luxurious Advance Package variants, expect the equipment to match its fluid DNA with occupants being greeted by Milano Leather seats, with the rest of the cabin featuring Alcantara inserts and a perforated leather steering wheel. Other welcome touches include gloss black exhaust tips, premium floormats, a gloss black roof panel, and 19-inch gloss black wheels.


Acura claims that after the car makes its debut in New York, it will begin production this summer, with prices starting at “around” $50,000. In the meantime, the company has released a brief video highlighting the PMC’s distinctive charms which can be seen below.






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