2019 Honda CR-V Visualizer – All 10 Colors + Animated GIFs

The CR-V has held onto its spot in the top six selling vehicles in the USA for years now. This latest generation brings a huge leap forward in design and style — to the point we’ve started to really admire them on the road!

Pricing is from about $25k and up with four trim levels and all CR-Vs come with these gorgeous LED daytime running lights up front.  To get the sexy full-LED headlights takes the Touring trim or an option package. 

To help out on your CR-V shopping, we’ve put together a full visualizer of the new CR-V in every color, from every angle.  Animated GIFs will spin each car around (albeit a bit choppily) in each of the ten colors.

There are five colors in the silver/grey family so you should definitely try for a look in the flesh before deciding online.



2019 Honda CR-V Colors

Sandstorm Metallic

Molten Lava Pearl

Basque Red Pearl II

Obsidian Blue Pearl

Dark Olive Metallic

Crystal Black Pearl

Gunmetal Metallic

Modern Steel Metallic

Lunar Silver Metallic

Platinum White Pearl




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20192019 Honda CR-V ColorsBasque Red Pearl IIColorsCR-VCrystal Black PearlDark Olive MetallicGunmetal MetallicHondaLunar Silver MetallicModern Steel MetallicMolten Lava PearlObsidian Blue PearlPlatinum White PearlSandstorm Metallic