Wagenbauanstalt Mods Make Porsche 911 Werkstubo Drivable Art

Porsche’s have always been known for their sleek styling and power that belies their size, but you don’t often see a lot of body mods or mod kits for them. People who own them tend to like their core look, so they don’t get changed. One company is changing that, one car at a time. Let’s take a closer look at the new Porsche 911 Werkstubo by a Hamburg-based Resto-mod company called Wagenbauanstalt.

Just One A Year

Wagenbauanstalt founder Oliver Kapsizer is one who’s been fond of cars for as long as he can remember. That’s where his designs come from – his love for cars, and his desire to turn an off-the-showroom-floor Porsche into something new and different, into drive-able art.

What makes these so unique is that the company only makes one of these custom Porsches a year, and this year that model is the Werkstubo. This particular model is worth six figures – which is why the company can get away with only making one of these beautiful pieces of engineering a year.

The Build

The majority of the mods on this 1993 Porsche 911 are aesthetic. The majority of the exterior of the car has been remodeled with custom-made sheet metal pieces that offset to the doors, fenders, and side panels. The wheel arches and rear wing have also been customized to give this 911 a unique look that sets it apart from every other Porsche on the road.

It is also equipped with custom gold-spoked rims that are designed by Wahlhamburgers, retro head and tail lights designed by Kaege and 30 layers of Candy Fade paint, which is a mixture of paints from Spies Hecker and Roth, companies both based in the United States. It’s a dark green that is speckled with gold, which complements the gold rims and trim.

The engine, drive train and brakes are all stock Porsche components, as is the beige interior. The exterior is accented with the company name – Wagenbauanstalt – embossed in gold, and is equipped with Lincoln door handles and door openers from the 1940s.

The 911 Werkstubo is still undeniably a Porsche. It shares some of the same lines and body styling as the original car that it is based on, but it also stands apart. Some Porsche purists might be a little annoyed by the custom body style and the 1940s Lincoln hardware, but this custom piece beautifully mixes art and engineering. If you want to get your hands on a piece of this driveable art – even if you don’t want a custom Porsche – Wagenbauanstalt can turn just about any car into a piece of driveable art.

The company works with each of their individual clients to create their dream car, even if that car isn’t something that would normally show up on the showroom floor. If you’re ever in Hamburg, check out the amazing work that Oliver Kapsizer and his team do. You might be able to find your perfect car, even if it is an expensive way to turn your dream car into a reality.