Toyota Confirms NAIAS Debut For Revived Supra Sports Car

With arguably the worst kept secret in not only 2018, but also perhaps in automotive history, Toyota revealed that it plans to introduce the production version of the 2020 Supra at the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The Supra is the long awaited return of an icon which not only served as the pinnacle of the performance rush that fueled the Japanese auto industry in the 1990’s, but also inspired a generation of enthusiasts, thanks in no part to its multiple appearances in the Fast and the Furious movie franchise, as well as numerous Need for Speed video game titles.

The road to the 2020 Supra’s debut has been filled with leaks, and untimely reveals on multiple fronts. From a parts guide that leaked online, to an ill timed post by Toyota of Germany that all but confirmed its Detroit debut, it seems that everyone and their estranged brother knows all about the Supra in some shape or form. Regardless, Toyota is continuing its teaser campaign, and has posted a lone image ahead of the festivities. It’s a lovely view of a beautiful winding road, but it also does not show much in regards to the Supra itself, save for a bit of its hood. Prior sightings of it all over the world, have given us some hint as to what is in store for Supra buyers. Unlike the 1990’s iteration, this Supra embraces the future, and it will have a decidedly more sci-fi esque look to its lines. This is especially true of the front end, which is largely similar to what was initially seen in the FT-1 concept several years ago, and looks very purposeful and aggressive. Toyota has unveiled racing versions of the Supra, but look for the road car to be a more definitive glimpse into the Supra’s styling direction.


The Supra is also the fruit of the company’s bold alliance with BMW. The German’s used the partnership to help craft the recently unveiled BMW Z4, with the Supra taking some of that model’s traits to help it craft its own path in performance driving. Unlike the Bimmer, look for the Supra to not stray too far from its more budget oriented market, which means that some of the Z4’s more elaborate appointments will be replaced with decidedly more mass market materials. However, the Supra will share its platform and powertrain with its German sibling which means that it should be able to dance just as effectively down winding twists and turns as some of its rivals. Look for the interior to retain the snug and intimate dimensions that define the GT86, but with a noticeable upgrade in terms of seats, equipment, and styling.

Toyota claims that the Supra will eventually arrive in global markets during the first half of 2019, and it is no secret that the marketing team has succeeded (whether some of it was intended or not) in creating a massive amount of hype for this car. We look forward to seeing and hearing more about this very special car in January, especially if it can live up to the massive levels of hype that the storm of teasers and leaks has generated. One question will be whether the Supra can maintain a pricing ladder that still makes it a compelling buy in the sports car market? The older Supras were known for this feat, and it could be a crucial cog to the revived Supra’s success, especially if Toyota bundles in a few surprises for eager enthusiasts.

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