2018 Toyota C-HR XLE Premium R-Code Design – Video Road Test Review w/ Mega Gallery!


Don’t get too bogged down in what type of vehicle C-HR is before you start to love it.  SUV Compact?  City Style Hatchback?

It is a racy five-door hatchback with off-road-ish looks and playful road handling.

Exclusively front-drive and sliding in right above the Corolla in fun-to-drive and standout style. Pricing matches that four-door but there are many differences under the skin.

This C-HR for example runs a slightly tighter wheelbase and overall length.  And a slightly wider stance with its bubble hardtop accentuating the racy roofline and concept-like body shapes on both ends.

But really, all the style in the world is not why we loved driving the C-HR in real-world traffic.  On paper, its stats do not shimmer.

But around long on-ramps and darting through traffic?  C-HR is a playful delight.

We have a video drive review and a few dozen photos to share here.


Performance Drive Review Video


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