RM Paris 2018 – 2005 Maserati MC12

The MC12 is such a special hypercar that it rarely hangs out with mere supercars.

This example is flawlessly original and expects to collect at least two million Euros when sold by RM Sotheby’s Paris auction in early 2018.

The MC12 was not originally intended as a road car at all.  This is what let Maserati get away with such wild wings and bodywork atop a humble Enzo Ferrari basis.

MC12 took a different, high-speed aero approach to the longtail design of a midengine exotic, with less drag than the Enzo.  A bit less downforce as well, in theory, and a top speed close to 210-mph — a few more than Enzo.

Originality here extends to the open headlamps — without the clear covers some have added for road or racing use.  This example’s gorgeous eggshell paintwork over royal blue is nearly a sure-thing to keep appreciating in value well into the future.

Photos by Peter Singhof c/o RM Sotheby’s.

2005 Maserati MC12