2018 Aston Martin VANTAGE – Official Configurator GIFs + Q Palette Neons

Time for a follow–up to the fantasy colorizer.  This launch for Vantage was well planned indeed! The car is showing up in special events across the globe in person – despite just coming online officially days ago.  Fittingly, the cofnigurator is fully live and the Vantage is rumored to be sold out for first year already!

Favorites include the Lime Essence launch color, a few of the Aston Designer Pre-Specced models and the new Q Palette.  Shades so wild they need their own brave champion to drive!

One of these is Kermit green, which we landed on through the detailed exterior walkthrough.

We have animated GIFs of 35 of the Vantage color choices, a walkthrough of exterior option screens and even a cabin peek.  Loving this machine from all angles.

Check out all the animated sequences to find a favorite.  The actual names of the colors are in the large screencaps on the top left of images.

Build your own starting here.



EXTERIOR – Q Palette Colors



Vantage Designer Specifications