Autocross Class of 2017! Which Pocket Rocket Is Quickest?

Imagine the best kart track ever – inside the amazing Road America racetrack itself.  Then swap the karts for real cars.  And race them against the stopwatch in rapid-fire rotations of drivers!

It was an squeely good time with the class of 2017’s new and special pocket rockets.   A big variety in power, drivetrain layout and body style: everything from the Abarth 500C to MX-5 RF and 370Z Heritage Edition.  Hyundai’s new Elantra Sport joined the fun, as did a ragtop Miata, 124 Abarth, Toyota 86 and VW Golf R.



They were all a laugh riot around these ultra-tight bends.  The hardtop MX-5 was more dramatic to drive than the softtop — and the photos show how much more body roll it has too.

It vied for the second quickest laps with the Abarth 124.  Fastest of the day was the stick-shfit VW Golf R.

It should be noted that the Golf R had to retire from the event early due to excessive clutch and brake exercise in the morning session..

Autocross Class of 2017

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