2017 Jaguar Future-Type Concept + E-Type ZERO Revealed

By now you have surely read that JLR is electirifying all its 2020-and-beyond car launches.  This makes sense with the latest hybrid tech that makes a e-assist as easy as a jumbo torque-converter for the the autoboxes.

Jaguar is clearly going well beyond that level for its future plans, however.  To a full EV and fully autonomous future.

So we have a pair of concepts to show their EV motivation: one a remake and one a wild future vision.

The E-Type Zero is perhaps more enticing for its rear-drive layout and maintained weight distribtion.  Apparently the EV pack is around the same size and eight as the E-Type Series 1.5’s straight six engine.

Jag promises near-silent 0-60-mph in juust 5.5 seconds.  So, well off the pace of most Tesla’s to date.  But far quicker than most EVs and hybrids.

The FT Future-Type concept takes a look at a 2040 commuter EV from Jagaur.

This 3-seat, tandem-layout EV mounts its driver in the top left but makes the steering wheel square usage optional.  Main passenger seat is staggered beside the driver, and third jumpseat behind the driver.

These EV prototype city cars from all brands lack much differentiation.  Design and performance should theoretically set them apart.  So the brands must practice — as making an e-Jag of the future is harder than it seems.  While keeping its cattiness intact, that is.

Have they succeeded with either of these?  Well… one more than the other.  It is very hard to recognize the leaper ornament fitting on the Future-Type.  Hopefully its performance will sparkle instead.

2017 Jaguar Future-Type Concept

2017 Jaguar E-Type ZERO