In 150 Pictures: Exotics at Cannery Row 2017 – Monterey Car Week

Welcome to an all-you-can-eat supercar extravaganza!

In this gallery by Anthony D’Acquisto from Exotics on Cannery Row yesterday in Monterey, you will find not only 100+ cool, high-res pics how the event’s hottest cars.

Not only a video with more than 20 of those machines in motion.

Just 150 photos of the rarest of the rare supercars in real life.

Newness captured includes the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato in dark red, the VW e-Bus concept and the brand-new 2018 Bentley SuperSports.  Nice to meet the USSV Rhino XT in wild too!  (The Bentleys and the Fux Rolls Royces are actually pics from Spanish Bay nearby.)

And certainly not many OEM machines on Cannery Row versus owner/drivers.

Lots of seriously tuned specials in here.  From the entire row of gold-wrapped beauties (?) to all shapes and sizes of track-special supercar.  Special shoutout for the McLaren with the STOP! airbrake!

Balboni’s, Speciales and RS’s are always popular with this fast crowd.

Follow Anthony’s Instagram @ADacquistoLA for all his latest hypercar spots!

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In 150 Pictures – Exotics at Cannery Row 2017 – By Anthony D’Aquisto

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