In Pictures: Pebble Beach 2017 – Welcome to CASA FERRARI

Ferrari’s 70th anniversary celebration at Pebble Beach this year means the place is wall-to-wall Italian stallions.

At the Casa Ferrari house on the concours grounds, Ferrari has a few tasty appetizers on display.  Multiple LaFerrari Aperta’s are almost hard to spot. The combination of painted hard side pillar with cloth on the inner roof top is the way to spot the open-topped special.

Along for the trip is the very rare Ferrari Sergio, designed to honor Sergio Pininfarina by his team at the design boutique.  It is so out-there and unique as to be a bit puzzling.

No challenges with the 812 Superfast!

You know you want it.  It must be the truest name in all of autodom.

Enjoy this photo walkaround — and thanks to JC on site for sharing these!


Pebble Beach 2017 – Welcome to CASA FERRARI

2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast

2017 Ferrari Sergio

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