2017 BMW Z4 Concept In 44-Photo Exclusive

The recent design analysis we wrote up over here about the Z4 yesterday is growing.  Today handling some photo edits for JC I found a bevy of new details in the Z4.

Things like the lower slash in front fender are as retro as it gets.  THe rest is sheer modern roadster.  It seems so much wider and shorter than the current Z4 in some photos.  But really this is just a product of all-new overhangs and level of rounded corner on both ends.  It is a softer shape.  But marked by a precious few design lines.  These bring the flow and forward-lean of the new Z4 nicely.

The car is a soft-top by the way, and the production car is expected like that as well next Summer.

Here is a 44-photo walkaround of the Z4 at the BMW Villa in Pebble Beach.

2017 BMW Z4 Concept In 44-Photo Exclusive

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