LARTE Design Launches Carbon Kit for MASERATI LEVANTE

Larte Design has a new set of carbon-fiber goodies to dress up one of the world’s hottest new trucks: the Maserati Levante.

These make perfect gifts – even to yourself! — for DIY car guys and gals.  Why?  No heavy lifting here or intense bodyshop skills needed to mount these properly.

The extra CF bits and bobs (about nine in all) extend the factory spoilers just a touch deeper for added sporty coolness.Sounding like a fanboy here but nobody does stick-on carbon fiber as nicely as Larte Design.  The chin spoiler, side spats and mirror caps are elegant and appear OEM in quality.  They certainly add intensity to Levante’s inherently sporty design.  Easily and installed in a half hour!

LARTE Design Stage Two for MASERATI LEVANTE – Preproduction Teasers

A stage two package is in development from Larte for the Levante.  This will be more involed, with a full bodykit that appears to replace the stock bumpers, tailpipes and many other details.  Fender flares look extra promising!

For now, the stage one CF mods are quite enticing.  Links below the gallery with more info and how to order.  Bonus for folks in SoCal, Miami, Germany or UAE — these customers can have the parts fitted by the experts via local Larte boutiques.

Factory Levante (for comparison)





Press release 05/30/2017

Luxury tuning project – for the chic Maserati Levante from LARTE Design

LARTE Design Tuning Studio will soon present its new tuning project of luxury SUV Maserati Levante with new modified bumpers and carbon elements.

To date, the company has prepared a set of carbon fiber body accents to improve the appearance of the Maserati model: the front side pads and side skirts, splitter, as well as the wing pads,  trunk lid spoiler and diffuser of the rear bumper. All these elements are already available to order in all LARTE offices.


LARTE Design Corporate Group

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