2018 KIA Stinger GT AWD – 4.8s, 167MPH Stats Confirmed – 31 Photos

The Stinger GT from KIA is the dream on wheels.  Four-door fastback with a rear-drive chassis and huge twin-turbo power.  So many dreams, in fact, that the car’s giant trunk will actually come in handy right away.  In what is a clear confirmation of the car’s production-ready status, the power operation of the liftgate up or down is Panamera-esque.  Audi A7 and the A5 Sportback also form strong core templates for the Stinger.  This German-designed and German-engineered machine headed to KIA showrooms for under $50k in the next six months.

Black chrome laces the bottle-nose front fenders and the extremely cropped front overhang.  The material embellishes the lower intake scoops (functional for brake ducts) and the reverse vent on the long fenders.

Its Maserati-esque tail treatment is a true hommage.  KIA’s presentation notes the designer’s inspiration as the original Maserati Ghibli coupe.  All long roof, cab-backward layout and ultra long hood.

This expression of the theme takes a softer nose approach than the sharky hood edge of the Ghibli. But its dimensions are true to form: this car is hugely wide, hugely long and quite low.

The cabin opens up to a giant level of rear legroom and nicely reclined back seats.  A low roof leaves tons of width for the giant front center console.  Low-slung dash and Benz-alike central round airvents actually felt impressive to the touch.  A bit lacking in color inside here, perhaps.  But the glass roof is delightful for its airy interior effect as well as black exterior look.

Best of all with the Stinger?  Less-powerful and rear-drive models will still have this racy design and proportion intact.  With pricing from perhaps $30k at the lowest??  An exciting new rival to Dodge Charger, Lexus IS, BMW 3 series.  With a clear style and likely performance advantage over anything front-drive-based.

Stinger GT AWD was excellent in the flesh.  Fingers and toes crossed that it drives as well too!


2018 KIA Stinger GT AWD