BMW M4 By Goes Custom in Battleship Grey/Orange

Out on the ocean they say never to mess with any grey ships — and that will be a good rule at the stoplights now too.

One of the worst things about this generation M3 and M4 is the color selection.  Each of the standard colors are dull while BMW Individual shades add $5k and endless order complexity. 2015 BMW M3 COlors

SO of course there is a thriving aftermarket in personalizing the machines.

CamShaft out of Germany did this light stage one mod with a powerchip, KW coilover suspension and vinyl body wrap.  It is a primer grey/blue with a smooth sheen unlike most glossy paint.

The results are quite sexy and tasteful with orange color accents and black BBS alloys.  A color accent on the tire lip is nice and on-trend, too.  A few of the military warnings are a nice winky final touch.



Photos: Jordi Miranda

For over ten years Cam-Shaft in Kempen on the Lower Rhine is very well-known for its inviolable maxim of fitting high-quality vinyl to vehicles with utmost precision. During that period they also offered conversions with sport chassis, sport exhaust systems, intercoolers, rims as well as carbon items to the interested consumer. In addition, the Cam-Shaft experts serve the area of North Rhine Westphalia (NRW)/Western Germany as the registered contact point for PP-Performance – the leading car tuning company in the United Arabic Emirates. It enables the team to pass on a complete package – including the high-end software maximization – from one single source to their clientele. The increase of staff, as well as the structural expansion of the tuning shop – equipped with an own Maha LPS3000 all-wheel dynamometer – didn’t take long. It combines an entire program of performance increase, tuning accessories, chassis upgrades and vehicle designs. Everything consolidated under one roof.

The latest project of the Cam-Shaft team is a BMW M4 coded with the level 1 output elevation. Naturally, more performance levels are offered by Cam-Shaft on request. This registrable version offers at least 520 HP (=382 kW) power output as well as 720 Nm of maximum torque with an unlocked V-max. Including the programming of the overrun cutoff with its typical bubbling exhaust system sound – a familiar noise from the BMW M4 GTS – and the power measurement, the fee for level 1 amounts to 2.199,00 Euro. Increasing the invoice by 249,00 Euro is the certificate and the registration of the performance.

Installed by Cam-Shaft, the KW thread springs allow an individual height adjustment from 5 up to 30 mm in combination with the standard chassis. The adaptive adjustment of the original absorbers remains active. The vehicle-specific spring rates generate a much more attractive visual appearance and an enhanced steering behavior. This feature can be accomplished for 699,00 Euro, additional fees for installation and axle alignment applies. The wheel-tire-combination of BBS rims type CH-R in the dimension 245/30ZR21 with 9,5×21 on the front axle and 295/25ZR21 with 10,5×21 on the back axle are filling out the wheel housings impressively and award the M4 with an even more aggressive look. The 2.900,00 Euro titanium end muffler of the Akrapovic’s Slip-On-Line inhabits a throttle system and also comes with the necessary General Operating License (ABE). For the purpose of perfection the Cam-Shaft crew installed a set of titanium end pipes – also by Akrapovic – for 1.400,00 Euro.

In order to emphasis the metamorphosis of the unsophisticated standard vehicle into a sporty and unique master piece, the BMW was coated in a stunning matte battleship-grey for 2.000,00 Euro.

Additional information about this truly one of a kind BMW M4 direct at

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