David Arnouts Book Review – One More Than 10: Singer and the Porsche 911

Car Revs Daily: Essential Summer Reading One More Than 10: Singer and the Porsche 911

By David Arnouts


Most will never own a Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer Vehicle Design, but that cruel fact doesn’t mean the masses of enthusiasts, dreamers and Porschephiles can’t own a small piece of the Singer dream.

Enter the second of Car Revs Daily Essential Summer Reading, “One More Than 10: Singer and the Porsche 911.” This book, which includes photo documentaries, autobiographies and essays, isn’t your traditional car book. Instead, it’s a backstage pass into the meticulous creation process of the company and its founder, Rob Dickinson.

The passionate artist and his team relentlessly pursue Singer Vehicle Design’s interpretation of the ultimate Porsche 911, and readers are given an inside look at every detail that goes into making their dream a reality. To accurately reflect the level of detail shown, for example, 180 individual images document a step by step progression of a vehicle going through clay body fabrication. The casual observer may not notice many changes from photo to photo, but SVD restorations are not for the casual observer.

Each chapter explores a build and its process, with segments including carbon fiber, engine work, suspension, mirrors and bespoke development, among many others.

“One More Than 10” allows a rare opportunity for readers to experience the concept of the company through its development and current growth. It’s a refreshingly raw and vulnerable perspective not often shared so freely or detailed so thoroughly.

Much like the vehicles, the details make the book. Stories range from the first desire to make something spectacular to the first conversation with the initial investor (cleverly stuck in traffic – by Dickinson’s design) and the mental anguish of wanting nothing less than the absolute best. Dickinson’s passion comes through his own text, and with writer Michael Harley’s wordsmithing you’ll feel as though he’s speaking to you directly.

The heavy and glossy paper holds top-notch photography that is artistic as well as functional. The text is complete and cohesive, drawing you in from page to page. Some of the best writing includes a collection of essays from a wide range of celebrated journalists and automotive enthusiasts who have experienced Singer Vehicle Design firsthand.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to sit and ogle a Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer Vehicle Design, this book lets you stare without the owner awkwardly asking you to leave.


Title:One More Than 10: Singer and the Porsche 911”

Publisher: Stance & Speed

Hardcover with Gloss Paper

Pages: 276

Dimensions:12” X 10”

Price: $95

Purchase Link: http://www.stanceandspeed.com/automotive-books/one-more-than-10-singer-and-the-porsche-911

ISBN-13: 978-0-9891149-4-3

About Stance & Speed:

Stance & Speed publishes and sells books for automotive enthusiasts. They have published books in collaboration with Singer Vehicle Design, Speedhunters.com, Peter Vincent, Peter Harholdt, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts in Salt Lake City,  the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and the Frist Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville.

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