Widescreen Gallery – 2016 Lexus GS-F Meets 1700s Carolina Angel Oaks

The spidery shadows of the Angel Oak Trees lining the Carolina coastline make for a cool respite from 330 sunny days a year.  That was their purpose, of course, when planted in neat rows on the major plantation driveways around Charleston.

Bursting with leaves year-round, these trees even wear a layer of Spanish Moss to keep things cool — centuries before AC made this climate live-able for a Chicagoan like myself.

The GS-F is quite a sight under the speckles of sunrays that can break through.

The intricate grille detailing, purity of surfaces and absolutely perfect proportions on the wide-body GS-F come to life in this environment.


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2016 Lexus GS-F – Photo Location: Fenwick Plantation near Charleston, South Carolina




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