BEIJING 2016 – Top 10 Chinese CONCEPT Cars and SUVs!

One look at any of the top concepts from the Beijing Motor Show will tell you: China has come of age in the car business.

These were some of the most well-executed, on-trend and exciting models in the entire, gigantic show.

The Chery FV2030 earns our vote as the best in show for futuristic concepts.  The Hongqi S Concept wins best in show for production-intent machines.

And a special nod to the custom Karlmann King!  This SUV may or may not be a superlux, stealth-skinned Ford Expedition.  For $1.9-million.  =]

A variety of sexy EV concepts and supercars definitely warrant a closer look.  The Qiantu K50 is interesting, a bit like an Audi R8, with BMW i8 flair.  The LeEco LeSee concept EV sedan is a bold, if quite formless, look at superlux electric limos of the future.

And finally, some imaginative looks and ideas for the Arcfox 7 EV supercar and Dongfeng HUV.

We are not 100-percent sure which among these are production cars versus concepts.  But have the concepts up top, and the itemized individual debuts below that.

While the show and the Chinese domestic car business is looking damn good, there were more than a few cars that are unbadged in English.  We have no clue what at few of the SUVs are, and had to research the ones we did find.  Still some cultural hiccups for an outsider, but no biggie!  The cars and crossovers are quite promising in Beijing 2016.

BEIJING 2016 – Top 10 Wildest Domestic Debuts

2016 Chery FV2030

2016 Hongqi S Concept

2016 Karlmann King

2016 QIANTU K50

2016 ArcFox 7

2016 LeEco LeSee

2016 Maxus D90

2016 Dongfeng HUV Concept

2016 Hongqi Concept B

2016 Trumpchi EV Coupe Concept


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