2016 Lexus GS-F – GoPro Adventures! 3 Full-Throttle Drive Videos, LED Walkaround and Startup/Exhaust Note

Updated 4.29.16

gsf caviar

We’re very aware that the HD drive reviews we post here are not world-class. Not anywhere close.  Sticking a GoPro up and heading out has basically been our gameplan.  The uploading the ginormous video files to YouTube virtually unedited whatsoever.  The real way to do this would be to do a script, many takes, and then refine it meticulously in the editing room.  By an expert editor.

Alas, the videos so far have been more of ‘extra credit’ additions to written drive reviews.

Then this GS-F came along, and we had to up our game.  Still no script or post-production, but we did find some amazing twisty roads to showcase the GS-F’s amazing handling, power and speed!

These are truly watchable.  Or at least some of the most watchable we’ve made yet.  Full review is still a week out, but eager to share these now for some fun Friday viewing.  This first one has caused much controversy in the comments section.  But more yay-sayers than nay-sayers, for once.  =]


2016 GSF Drive Video 1

2016 GSF Drive Video 2 – Comparing Normal and TVD Slalom Modes on same road, back to back.


2016 GSF – Video Walkaround and LED showcase (we edited this one! Crudely…)


2016 GSF – Exhaust Note / Startup


2016 Lexus GS-F – Drive Video 3



One of the hottest new super-sedans just arrived out front!

Then something magical happened.  They tossed me the keys … and said bon voyage.  

We’re barely an hour into this week-long tryst, and I can tell it is going to get pretty steamy.  467HP, active intake and exhaust, standard torque-vectoring-differential in back.  And perhaps even four-wheel-steering in Sport + drive mode??!gsf caviar

Only a few cautious prods of the GS-F’s throttle so far, and less than a block of driving.  200 photos later, and we can’t wait to share this stunning M5 rival with you.  Rushing this a bit, as you might imagine, so I can get back out in that race bucket seat.  With seat AC on blast and the 5.0-liter V8 doing the same, naturally!

Watch this space for many more photos, videos and a full review in the coming weeks. Until then, we’ve got the window sticker details of this $86k supercar and that first photo-session to share.

This rich, intensely metallic black color is called Caviar, by the way.  A rare delicacy, indeed. =]

2016 Lexus GS-F – Speed Fleet Introduction