Kiawah 2016 Highlights – 1954 SIATA 200CS Balbo Coupe – Inspired Design and Iconic Beauty

Here is a vehicle whose beauty is only surpassed by its rarity.

The 1954 Siata Torino 200CS.

It has the elegance of many Maserati’s, but also the purpose and aeronautical inspiration that made the Aston Martin DB3 and DB4 such hits.  And what is this!?  No cutlines whatsoever in the back bubble fastback?!

Hidden headlamps?

These might be the second-ever application of pop-up headlights since they made their first aero-inspired appearance in the Cord 810 of the 1930s.  The elegance of a pure, clean upper hood edge would come in vogue by the 1970s, and ride the wave through the 1990s Miata.

Only the grille, perhaps, is left slightly unresolved from a design perspective.  But the inspiration this Siata sparked in Porsche, Ferrari and even Aston Martin itself is clear as day.

The cabin is a lovely finishing touch: its gorgeous multi-panel leather stitching for the seats and transmission tunnel was likely to save money originally, as using many smaller pieces cost less than one big piece.  But today, in its buttery-soft, restored condition? The hand-crafted panels are even more elegant because of that thriftiness.


1954 SIATA 200CS Balbo Coupe