2016 Inferno REVENTADOR – Nightmarish Lambo Reskin, Or Dreamy Hyperexotic?

This Inferno Reventador has been giving us nightmares for weeks every time the file folder is open.  Just the thumbnails are enough to make my skin crawl.

But perhaps they make yours warm and tingly?

The bodywork is said to be made of a “zinc aluminum foam” that claims to offers light weight and ballistics protection. We hate the idea of a gap-filler being used as a car body, but its need to be shaped rapidly does go one step beyond clay models used by many styling houses.  In reality, these shapes are likely cast in molds, like fiberglass, and then mounted on the car somehow.  The results are striking, to say the least. But not in a good way, at least to our eyes.

The tail and its double-layer LED lightbar is pretty cool and on-trend with the new Bugatti Chiron.  The LEDs in front are also pretty stylish and well-done.

There are interesting, if very plastic-like, swirls of bodywork throughout.  We wonder about the weight or advantage of most of the styling, however. To say nothing of aero performance, or 200-mph durability.  Pieces of a prototype car flying off at high speed is how Bruce McLaren was killed — so be careful out there, Inferno team!

We might want to talk about that name, too.  Especially if this new alloy foam is combustible….

Photos courtesy of ADV1 and Mexico Top Scott 

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2016 Inferno REVENTADOR