VOSSEN VFS-2 Alloys Sex Up TESLA Model S


Tesla’s Model S is rumored to have a facelift debuting very soon.  And it is about time!  We are shocked to know they are still making many of these EV benchmarks with those same bright alloys and boring maroon paintwork.  Just like they have for years!  This is not great for the $100k super-sedan shopper, who has plenty to choose from these days.

Staying stylish is just a phonecall away with these gorgeous Vossen wheels.

These VFS-2 forged alloys in matte bronze/copper finish are enough to make even a very-familiar silver Model S feel fresh.  The lowered ride height helps, too.   As do the black-tinted windows and dark roof.  Beyond those tweaks, it is all in the wheels!


VOSSEN VFS-2 Alloys Sex Up TESLA Model S P85

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