Design Talent Showcase – Alfa Romeo AW30 by Olcay Tuncay Karabulut


Some fantastic, out-of-this-world designs to feature today from Turkey!

Olcay Karabulut’s Alfa Romeo AW30 design takes a look into the future of renewable-powered racecars.  And not just coal-fired EVs… this AW30 hopes to hit 200-mph around the world’s racetracks thanks to two constants: sun and wind.

The solar component is intended as the solution under 100-mph, after which it synthesizes energy via dedicated turbines.  This might sound far-fetched, but is certainly worth exploring.  If only for the unique design solutions it inspired.

The proportions take a radical shift: much longer and lower than current F1 cars.  Next, the intakes are far more elaborate.  The side scoops do not just pull in cooling air; they actually ram that air through the AC charging and drive system to top of the batteries on the move.  A hypercapacitor could make 200-mph cruising a net-neutral in terms of energy consumption.  Practically, this means the body is filled with intakes, has an ultra long and sheer rear side intake, and of course the closed-canopy design expected for the 2019 season in the name of driver safety.

The twin jet-plasma energy nacelles in back are a lovely closing flourish.

Whether the design is a home run for your eyes or not, you have to admire designer Olcay’s dark vision… of a very eco-light racing future!


Design Talent Showcase – Alfa Romeo AW30 by Olcay Tuncay Karabulut

Alfa Romeo AW30
A new power packed performance formula 1 car has been designed that can run at the speed of 200 mph without conventional fuel. You see, energy can’t be generated or destroyed: only transferred. For startup this car will use solar powered battery but later draw its energy from circulating air. An advanced alternating current induction motor will glide the Formula 1. This motor will have a power output of 212 kilowatts.


Designer: Olcay Tuncay Karabulut

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