700HP, 2.5s 2017 REZVANI Beast X – Wild Carbon Wings, Monster Boost for Street-Legal Racecar

You are being hunted.

The Rezvani Beast X is out for blood.  That much is clear from its 2.5-second 60-mph sprint and tail-out track action!

This upgraded model is debuting in Dallas this week with a shockingly sexy carbon-fiber aero kit, a new engine and even optional paddle-shift for the 2017 modelyear.

The California team will build just five of these X Beasts for sale worldwide, with pricing from $325k and the order books open now.  (The Beast Speedster is the car pictured here in grey, while the X is previewed in a few of the red photos — but not all of them.)

Before that though, how about a primer on Rezvani as a company, the car’s engineering and basic mechanical layout?

Yes please!

Rezvani is a California supercar startup that hopes small-batch, all-carbon manufacturing, design vision and brutal performance are enough to take on the legendary badges we know and love from Porsche, Bugatti, McLaren, Ferrari and Lamborghini.

The Beast X is Hypercar speed, exclusivity and drive thrills at Supercar prices.

The launch model Beast ran a 500-horsepower supercharged four-cylinder midship, and tips the scales at a fairly incredible 1650-pounds.  That is barely than half the weight of the McLaren 570S, and down over 1000 pounds on even the MX-5.

The new Beast X and its 700-horsepower comes in a bit heavier: 1850-pounds.  Still ridiculously light, but with monster contact patches and racing drivetrain to get power down.  Recipe for success!  Rezvani even makes the Beast sound terrifi, which is one big question-mark for the car’s humble, Honda K24 engine block starting-point.  The Beast X swaps the supercharger for a pair of Borg Warner racing turbochargers.  It will pack boost hiss and BOV sonics rivalling a LeMans racecar more than most other supercars.

How is the Beast so light?!  All carbon-fiber for almost every single piece of the machine.  Beneath the sliced, ninja-like CF panels is a chromoly steel frame built like a racecar — forming the integral crash structure, suspension mounts and cabin floorplan in an ultra rigid, but also very svelte way.  Because the car is so specialized, it does not have the road-legality safety concerns of most global hypercars.  This lets the upper windshield be just a fantasy of wrap-around glass.  It lets the nose and tail’s exotic designs skip the 5-mph bumper requirement so dreaded in the supercar business.

Most of what dulls a hypercar down from its concentrated form, then.  Sound insulation?  Folding top?  Any top?  Posh audio system?

No sirs.  This is a car for purists.  It conforms to emissions and road safety laws for homologated, one-off racecars and Rezvani promises help getting it registered and fit for license plates in all 50 states.  And in the major hypercar hotspots like Singapore, Abu Dhabi or Monaco, of course.

On track of on the road… you best hang on tight.  All this unbridled enthusiasm promises a drive like few Huracans, 488s or 650s can achieve.

Brutal speed, of course, in a straight line and over-sharing of all road intel via the wheel, pedals and driver seat.

We love the potential of the machine — a brilliant way to out-do the supercar usual suspects on speed, feel and curb appeal.  Quite a car, and very promising as a Sophomore album for the exotic boutique.


2017 REZVANI Beast X



2017 REZVANI Beast X – Tech Specs


0-60 MPH: 2.5 SECONDS

Weight: 1,850 lbs


Carbon Fiber


K24 DOHC 2.4L Borg Warner Turbos with Intercooler

700 Horsepower @ 7350 RPM


6 Speed Close Ratio Manual (with Limited Slip Differential)

Optional Sequential Manual with Paddle shift


Weight: 1850 lbs

Length: 165.2 inches  (4,145 mm)

Width: 80.1 inches (1,981 mm)

Wheelbase: 92.3 inches (2,345 mm)

Height: 38.3 inches (970 mm)

Fuel tank capacity: 11 Gallons (42 Liters)


Carbon Steel (Chromoly Steel)


Alcon 4 Piston Competition Brakes

Alcon race brake pads


Independent forged aluminum  with anti-roll bars, front and rear

Bilstein 10 way high performance adjustable dampers, front and rear


Rear: 19″ with 295/30/19 Continental SportContact 5P or Toyo R888

Front: 19″ with 235/35/19 Continental SportContact 5P or Toyo Proxes R888

2016 REZVANI Beast Speedster


As a young boy, founder Ferris Rezvani aspired to become a fighter pilot just like his father. In order to develop a thrill similar to an F-4 fighter jet, Mr. Rezvani set out to create an extreme sports car that gave drivers the opportunity to experience the same exhilaration and g-forces behind the wheel. Using knowledge obtained  from the development efforts with Supercar Manufacturer Vencer Cars in Europe and the Vencer Sarthe, Mr. Rezvani assembled a strong team of designers, manufacturers, racing engineers, and high-performance engine experts. The team, working together was able to  develop one of the most extreme and reasonably priced cars on the market today. BEAST™ is the creation of Rezvani Motors, with design consultation by renowned and award winning automotive designer Samir Sadikhov. Samir Sadikhov is known for other renowned designs such as the Ferrari Xezri and Aston Martin DBC concept. 

Rezvani Motors’s mission is to create the lightest, highest performing car on the market – but at a reasonable price. With a carbon fiber construction, a manual gearbox, and rear wheel drive, customers get to drive one of the most beautiful and responsive cars on the planet, all for around $165K USD.


The Rezvani emblem uses wings to represent our roots in aviation; racing stripes and steering wheel represent the brands passion and dedication to driving. 



Ferris Rezvani

Founder and CEO

Ferris Rezvani’s automotive resume began by working on the design and development of vehicles such as the Vencer Sarthe, and collaboration with supercar manufacturer Vencer in Europe. Growing up with a father as a fighter pilot inspired Mr. Rezvani’s love for aircraft design and exotic supercars. A life-long car and aviation aficionado, his dream was to develop a stunning supercar with exclusive looks, and even more exclusive performance.

Ferris Rezvani’s vision is for small, niche manufacturers to come together and develop a common, certified platform, that they can all use to develop designer cars.

Kam Hosn

Co-Founder and VP of Business Development

Kam has worked with automotive industry leaders including Toyota, and for the past 5 years has been involved in cooperation on the development of Connected Car Strategy with Cisco Systems.

Kam has over 20 years experience in product development for Fortune 500 companies. Because of his background in BigData technologies, he has been exploring how to use Big Data to facilitate product development and customer acquisition.

Jeff Ryan

Co-Founder and Director of Public Relations and Marketing

With a wealth of knowledge in the industry, Jeff brings with him years of expertise in both the public relations and marketing sector relating to automotive.

Tim Gibson

Aerodynamics and Engineering

Tim Gibson is a highly experienced aerodynamics engineer who’s most recent project was Danny Thomson’s record breaking 424 MPH Challenger 2 at Bonneville, Utah. Tim performed the aerodynamics and suspension design. When he graduated from UCLA in 1990, Gibson worked for two years for TRW Space and Defense on ICBM aerodynamics. In 1992 Gibson started working for Dan Gurney’s All American Racers, working first on the IMSA Championship winning Toyota GTP program, which was undefeated from March ’92 to Jan ’93. It was the 1993 IMSA GTP World Champion, also winning the 1993 IMSA Manufacturer’s Championship and the 1993 IMSA Driver’s Championship. You can learn more at about the Danny Thomson’s Challenger 2 at  www.thompsonlsr.com.

Samir Sadikhov


Samir Sadikhov is an award winning supercar designer known for other renowned designs such as the Ferrari Xezri and Aston Martin DBC concept. Samir has worked as a designer for Lamborghini and has won awards by Ferrari. Samir’s philosophy is to focus on proportions and timeless design elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Rezvani Beast™ Hand Built

Yes, every part of Beast is hand built and includes over 4,000 man hours of work. We are obsessed about the quality of our parts and our craftsman take great pride in their work.

What Parts of Beast™  Are Made of Carbon Fiber

 Every part of the car including all body work, steering wheel, seats, dash and trim are all made of light weight Carbon Fiber. Every body part has an inner and outer panel.

What is the build time of my Beast™?

 Typical Build time is approximately 12 weeks

What options and colors are available on my Beast™?

Beast can be finished in any color of the owner’s choosing.  Option pricing and Paint colors are available on our online brochure here . 

What transmission choices are available?

A close ratio 6 speed manual is standard. An automatic Sadev paddle shift trasnmission is optional

Where can I get my Beast™ Serviced

Service Centers are available in the following states in the US: Arizona, Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas, and California.  Beast is designed to be inexpensive to service. Because we supply our parts using mass produced existing global suppliers of parts,  Any mechanic familiar with Honda engines can service Beast. As part of your ownership experience we will ensure you always have a qualified service shop near you for service.

How does Insurance work?

Rally Insurance (www.rallyinsurance.com)  is certified to  provide insurance for Beast™ for our owners at very reasonable prices. Any collector car or specialty car insurance company can insure your Beast,

Is Beast™ Road Legal?

Yes, Beast is registered as a component vehicle and is road legal in the US. We will assist our clients with the registration process to make it as seamless as possible. 

Can I Purchase the Rezvani Beast Internationally?

Yes, we can build and ship your Beast anywhere in the world including right hand and left hard drive. 

How Is The Payment Schedule Divided?

Payment schedule includes an initial deposit to begin the build and payments throughout the build as progress continues. We encourage you to visit our factory and see the progress of your car. We will also send you regular photos to show  you progress of your car. 

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