2016 KTM X-Bow GT Black Carbon

The world’s favorite KTM car pro’s have a new special for us!

The X-BOW GT Black Edition is an all-black, all-carbon flagship of the street-going KTM ‘Crossbow’ lineup.

Wimmer RST has this gorgeous new special on display in Geneva this week along with the championship-winning X-BOW GT4 racecar.

The new X-BOW Black Carbon is even upgraded versus that racecar, however. In addition to the CF tub, the new Wimmer special integrates carbon fiber for dozens of other components.  The entire undertray is a new carbon-fiber execution delivering race levels of grip on the road.  Exposed-weave carbon fiber now takes the place of all the painted bodywork, wheel arches, engine covers, diffusers…..

The end result?

Lighter, stiffer, faster and more intense than ever!  But fitted with some of the luxury goodies of the X-BOW GT, including the wraparound windshield and side glass, defroster, wipers and custom cabin details.

The Wimmer RST Black Edition X-Bow special-edition even saves $10k Versus all these upgrades individually.  Fewer than ten in total are estimated for sale and offers a great way to get the best KTM four-wheeled model ever!

2016 KTM X-Bow GT Black Carbon


– Just five units of the exclusively equipped small series production model to be built
– With the KTM X-BOW GT “BLACK EDITION” “fully carbon” is more than a catch phrase
– Despite its exclusive nature, the limited model even offers a price advantage of € 10,000

The Geneva International Motor Show, which presents many limited edition models every year, begins on Tuesday. This year KTM is also at the fair, but with a racing car. The new KTM X-BOW GT4, the car that since last year raced from victory to victory in the GT4 Class will be displayed on the stand of lubricant partners MOTOREX. In addition, at the same time as beginning of the big auto show in Switzerland, there is an announcement of a very special and exclusive limited edition model for all KTM X-BOW fans who prefer to be on the road and only go occasionally to the racing circuit.

The KTM X-BOW “BLACK EDITION” sets whole new standards when it comes to the meaning of a “fully carbon fiber vehicle”. In addition to the unique and well-known monocoque, which introduced the rigidity and security of a Formula racing car monocoque into series-production vehicle, this unique model also features all components in high-tech carbon fiber. Whether it is the complete underfloor, which thanks to the KTM X-BOW’s sophisticated aerodynamics helps to achieve the down-force of a Formula racing car, or whether it is the ‘Bonnets’, the so-called body parts at the front and the rear of the vehicle, or naturally also the wheel arches and engine covers.

The comprehensive design of the “BLACK EDITION” takes on the characteristics of the well-known KTM X-BOW GT, but has been further extended with special details. The Sticker Kit, which is mainly located on the side of the monocoque, is unique in its color. The 18” and 19” BBS rims, which are also part of the standard equipment of the special model, are a perfect match. The exclusive fixtures and fittings continue on the interior of the car. Hand-stitched comfort seats with color coordinated stitching and stamped with the “BLACK EDITION” logo on the headrest, a suede leather steering wheel with color-coordinated 12-hour markings and matching stitching, right up to the all-aluminum machined gear and hand brake levers, not to mention the multi-media interface with rear-view camera!

Rounding off the exhaustive range of extra features being offered for the KTM X-BOW “BLACK EDITION” is a black anodized sport exhaust, a quick shifter for quicker gear-changing and a factory engine tuning to 320 hp. As a very clear sign of the exclusivity of this special model, there is an aluminum badge on the center console which states the vehicle production number of this limited special edition and the signature of the employee responsible for the hand-construction of the model. Only five units of the KTM X-BOW GT “BLACK EDITION” are available immediately at a price per unit of € 99,000 (excl. VAT). The vehicles can be collected in conjunction with an exclusive factory tour directly from the manufactory in Graz, Austria.

For more information about this KTM X-Bow GT please contact directly

WIMMER Rennsporttechnik Solingen GmbH
Internet: http://www.wimmer-rst.de 

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