1000HP 2017 APOLLO ARROW – Full Tech Specs, Animations and 50 Photos

Hypercar buyers are spoiled for choice these days.  But the Apollo Arrow warrants a second look even among Chiron deposit-holders.

Apollo is an all-new expression of the Gumpert brand and core knowledge. The relaunch was in January and the coming-out party definitely in Geneva!

Power and performance are insane. Race-ready — for real.  The car is FIA-homologated for numerous race classes in exactly the same spec as the Euro road-legal stunner.  Airjacks and roll cages included!

But let’s take a closer look first at the obviously hot, shamelessly whipped and sliced new design.  From the front it catches you by surprise.  From the side it pulls you down to get a closer look. And out back, it has shock value like a door slammed in your face.

What.  The.  Love!

The Apollo Arrow’s design is all its own.  Aesthetically, it is deeply ingrained in the P1 GTR, FXX K and Huayra BC big leagues.

The over-flowing and gorgeous carbon-fiber bodywork in tangerine for the Geneva show includes advances like a racing nosecone, external roofline wings and a fixed racing spoiler as big as a dining-room table for eight.  The nose itself is stunning: a sharp point is actually a downward-tilted wing, shooting air directly up through its hood uninterrupted.  The fenders are free-standing as they pass over the top of the wheel-arch in a beautiful and functional slash.

A twin slice of brake-heat outlet is the entire front fender behind the wheels in contrast carbon.  External-pointing lower rocker spikes also quite fresh.  Above the mid-point of the body in profile, you see concave chiseling for a cold-air intake.  Another of those up top on the roof. Spider-like vents emerge from the central spin.  All the tail bodywork appears silky and pinned beneath the swirling airvent of main tail structure.

In all, it is at the top of its game. Like a meaner, longer and more ‘cut’ version of the new Ford GT.

The carbon-fiber tub and all elements of the Gumpert have been redesigned to hit a target weight of under 1300-kgs, dry.  This piece moiunts to a chromoly spaceframe for the front and rear, and again runs an Audi RS-sourced V8 pushing obscene boost levels.  And race componentry, of course.  The engine is a rough starting point before its major mods.  And the horsepower figures, you wonder?

A cool 1000PS and 1000-pound-feet.  2.9-seconds to 62-mph and a 224-mph top speed.  Launch control and customizable gear ratios are optional.

Yes, that will do well sirs. Thankyou.

A new sequential transmission, top-shelf component sets and masterful Nurburgring tuning promise a big leap in pace over the Apollo S — particularly above 150-mph.  And perhaps leading  the the track-only hypercar variants of 2016.  For those favoring a more angular and proven design, watch for the next article on the updated Apollo N.

Welcome to Apollo Automobil GmbH.

The 2017 Apollo Arrow is available to order now via their website, linked below.



2017 APOLLO Arrow


Press Release


Geneva Motorshow 2016



Awe inspiring Apollo Arrow unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show – heralding a

“New Dawn” for legendary hypercar maker Apollo Automobil GmbH


Geneva, Switzerland, 1 March 2016


Apollo Automobil GmbH is delighted to premier the Arrow, a new hypercar that it hopes will surpass the records set by its predecessor, the Gumpert Apollo. With the launch, the rebranded automaker is celebrating a new chapter in its corporate history.


A New Dawn


Following restructuring in 2015, Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH was rebranded as Apollo Automobil GmbH. The company’s new owner, Ideal Team Ventures Limited, is a holding company with investments in a range of industries including the automotive sector, financial services, food and beverage, and leasing and chartering.  


“I have always been a big fan of the Gumpert Apollo. It was, in my opinion, a thoroughbred hypercar that stood out among its competitors,” says Norman Choi, owner of Ideal Team Ventures Limited. “I’m excited to have the opportunity to revive, reinvent and rebuild this legendary, record-breaking vehicle. I am very happy with the upgrades we made to the Apollo N and extremely proud of the Arrow which is being debuted today, both technically and aesthetically.”



Roland Gumpert remains CEO and Chief Engineer at Apollo, leading a team of engineers and technical experts in the Arrow’s development. “The Arrow is truly magnificent – it is the perfect combination of German engineering and automotive art,” comments Mr Gumpert. “Although it’s still a prototype, we are confident that the Arrow will achieve the unimaginable.”


“Our team in Germany and UK have managed to transform an extremely powerful engine to a new hyper-car, while taking all vehicle dynamics and aerodynamic parameters into consideration,” says Bailey Xu, Managing Director, “I was instantly electrified by the idea of applying the characteristics of the F22 Raptor to the Apollo Arrow, with the inspiration of marine biology, the Arrow could deliver up to 1000 HP and 1000 Nm of torque, and thus taking Apollo to a new level.”


With a new investor, a new design philosophy and new engineering insights, Apollo has started a new chapter in its history. The company has a brand new factory and technology centre in Denkendorf, Germany. It is also launching an impressive network of showrooms and dealerships to help it introduce the Apollo Arrow to the world.


With a new corporate vision, Apollo is demonstrating its renewed commitment to becoming one of the best hypercar manufacturers on the planet.


Apollo Arrow

_Design philosophy

Apollo’s new design philosophy, which is inspired by the ruthlessness of the ocean, is important not only to the Arrow – but also for setting the tone as the company moves forward. People today have a highly sensitized response to design and instinctively begin to link together cues originating from a single philosophy. For our designers, the design that heralded the rebirth of Apollo is crucial – because it will have a key influence on the style of the cars that follow. 



Perhaps most importantly, the fluidity of the design – like a shark – gives the Arrow the appearance of constant motion, even when it stands still.


In this respect, human intervention is essential. When confronted with a design brief featuring a high aerodynamic threshold, our own instinct is to turn to Mother Nature. The cues that can be borrowed from animals or plants are almost always efficient in terms of design. When considering the optimal conditions for moving gracefully through water, sharks happen to exhibit a truly wondrous aesthetic and mechanical efficiency – which is why the ocean’s primary predator has had such an influence on the Arrow’s design. 


In addition to all its unique features, the singular, breathtaking speed of the Apollo Arrow elevates this exclusive hypercar to the true embodiment of the ocean.


_Dynamics in figures 

The new Apollo Arrow boasts a remarkable torque of 1,000 Nm at 3,650 rpm thanks to the 3.993-litre capacity of its hot V8 engine. An output of 1,000 HP is achieved at 6,750 rpm. These impressive figures allow the car to reach 100 km/h (62 mph) from standing in less than 2.9 seconds. The Arrow has a top speed of 360 km/h (220 mph). 


_Drive system

The improved horsepower is the result of using two larger turbochargers on the top instead of the bottom, with new intercoolers and the new exhaust system. The F22 Raptor inspired its design. Furthermore, Apollo has extensively reinforced all drivetrain components to ensure they can safely transfer the immense force that the Arrow is capable of. Thanks to the larger turbochargers and general decrease in back pressure, fuel consumption has also been reduced slightly – even with the increased power output. 







In order to put this unrivalled power on the road safely and expertly, the engineers have reconfigured the Arrow’s chassis. Thanks to the quick-responding dampers – adapted from motor racing – the control of the vehicle has been further improved and perfectly balanced. In addition to the unparalleled lateral acceleration, the precise interaction of the tyres on all-new, lighter 20-inch front, 21-inch rear “Arrow”-type  flow-formed monoblock alloy wheels with centre-lock fixing ensures stable handling – further enhanced by the intelligent high-performance braking system from AP Racing with ESP/ABS from Bosch. Since the reconfigured Launch Control kicks in slightly later, for example, when accelerating around corners, the Apollo Arrow also delivers more dynamic performance in these types of situations. It goes without saying that the brake-cooling system in the front of the vehicle has been adapted to account for the increased engine output. The brakes, unmatched in terms of stability and performance, also have additional and larger air intakes. Vehicle ground clearance is adjustable between 40 mm and 120 mm.



Apollo has developed a brand new carbon body with an integrated carbon monocoque for the safety cell. A completely new spoiler significantly reduces wind noise and buffering in the interior. The window sill depth, gull-wing doors and central ram air intake were the key signature features of the original car, so these have been carefully retained and blended with the new design treatment – which wraps, front and rear, around a redesigned cockpit for taller drivers. 



The entire vehicle exterior, including air ducts and the fuel and oil cap, are made from carbon. The metallic bright Wulfenite orange paintwork, which stretches from the bumper, across the wings to behind the door, ensures that the car will turn heads wherever it goes. Intricate details, such as the Wulfenite paintwork on the bottom of the rear wing and the interior of the striking double diffuser, further accentuate the car’s eye-catching design. 


This strong colour scheme also mirrors Apollo’s “New Dawn” logo. Impressive wheel rims with centre lock fixing round off the car’s distinctive look. 



There is no end to the customization and individualization options for the Arrow. We plan to produce a maximum of 100 unique Apollo Arrows, each of them exclusively tailored to its owner.




2017 Apollo Arrow



V8 4.0l Twin-Turbo

1000 PS

1000 Nm

2-flow exhaust system
Cylinder / type / valves per cylinder
8 / 90° – V / 4
Cubic capacity
Stroke – bore
89mm – 84.5mm
Emission standard
Euro 5
90° cylinder angle

Light metal crankcase

Light metal cylinder heads

Dry sump lubrication

Two twin-scroll turbo chargers and twin air- and water-cooled intercoolers

Central-Overhead injectors

On-board diagnostic system intercooler


Fully synchronised sequential 7-gear CIMA transmission, Twin plate clutch configuration,
Self-locking differential by Torsen

Traction control system (ASR) variable adjustable with switch-off function

Individual gear transmission ratios on request

S1000 reinforced transmission with optimized cooling system, apollo TT40e
electronic gear system with paddle shift

Launch control available on request


Two-seater super sports car with mid-engine arrangement

Chromemolybdenum steel tube frame (powder coated) and integrated carbon/kevlar safety cell

Carbon car bodyshell, carbon / aluminium sandwich underbody

Visible carbon fibre airbox for reinforced RAM Air effect

Visible carbon fibre areas

Aerodynamic package for optimised downforce

Gullwing doors


Competition suspension fully adjustable in bump and rebound rates (high & low

Automatic ride-height control system (at front and rear suspension)

Air lift system Airjack (including instruments)

Manually adjustable ride-height (basic ground clearance) via pushrods between 40 mm and 120 mm plus automatic niveaulift system to add 40mm more ground clearance (at front and rear suspension)

AP Racing high performance braking system with Bosch ABS

2-piece inside ventilated AP Racing brake discs (378mm at front and rear)

6 piston caliper

Electrical parking brake

Brake calipers available in individual colours

Electric Power Steering (EPS)

Removable and manually adjustable steering wheel


Long double wishbones
Anti-roll bar (adjustable)
Damper configuration – lengthwise
Long double wishbones
Anti-roll bar (adjustable)
Damper configuration – crosswise
The contact patch between tyre and street is maximised at any stage of driving enabling powerful suspension kinematics and thus maximised lateral G-Forces


4890 mm
1992 mm (2185mm with mirrors)
1224 mm
2700 mm
Wheel gauge front/back
1670 mm / 1598 mm


Kerb weight
< 1300 kg
Laden weight
Up to 1600 kg
Approved axle load front / back
650 kg / 950 kg


Wheel rim type
Flow formed monoblock cast wheels with centre lock fixing
Wheel dimensions front / back
10,5J x 20 / 12,5J x 21
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2
Tyre dimensions front / back
265 / 35 R20 – 325 / 30 R21


Individual colour combination with visible carbon areas


85 L stainless steel tank with integrated catch tank, baffles and lift pump system

One in-tank and two main high-pressure motorsport fuel pumps


Our tube frame passed all crash-tests for street legality and fulfils FIA motorsport regulations. Our carbon/Kevlar monocoque and crash box combined with one of the most powerful braking systems available add even more protection.


The centre of gravity of the Apollo N is unbeatably low. This is caused by the unique arrangement of engine, gearbox and the dry sump lubrication. The centre of gravity is positioned near the height of the wheel centre. As a result, Arrow has an optimised brake pitch. In combination with balanced suspension kinematics this leads to perfect handling with maximum grip.


Due to its aerodynamic package – especially the underbody – no other street legal hypercar generates more downforce than Arrow.


Arrow is a street legal car as well as fulfiling all FIA standards. Therefore the Arrow can be homologated easily for different racing series.

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