Geneva Debuts – 2016 AMG GT-S by MANSORY


Another half-debut, half-preview from Mansory.  The cars definitely exist — as their real-life cabins show — but these outdoor renders are very obviously images vs photos.

Even so, the incredible new reverse ducted wings of the Mansory GTS make themselves very well-known!





at the 2016 Geneva Int. Motor Show



MANSORY rocks the Mercedes-AMG GT S


Refining super cars is more than just a business for MANSORY. The attention to detail and the love of all that is special and unique is what drives us to produce out-of-the-ordinary automobiles. The latest stroke of genius of the company once again proves this in an impressive way. The MANSORY interpretation of the Mercedes AMG GT S with its exclusive and comprehensive refinement programme is enough to raise the blood pressure of true sports vehicle fans the world over.


Above all, the wide bodywork package makes it clear that for MANSORY, visual refinement of the sport car takes centre stage. Alongside design elements such as the hood in red exposed carbon, you will find targeted alterations to the front, side and rear to give a boost to the car’s aerodynamics. For instance, the front spoiler reduces lift, which is decisive for improving the handling and agility of the GT S. Striking extensions on the sides measuring 25 millimetres per side ensure there is plenty of room for wide tyres with great traction. The rear spoiler also provides more downforce and, in combination with the rear diffuser, ensures there is extra grip on the road. The MANSORY aerodynamic package will show its strengths even on winding country roads and generates pure driving pleasure.

MANSORY manufactures its bodywork components in the traditional way from carbon. In this procedure, carbon mats are adapted in moulds and hardened under high pressure at high temperatures in an autoclave. The advantages of this high-tech procedure are clear: the reduced vehicle weight brings improvements to acceleration figures, braking distances and the energy consumption of the car.


The advantages to agility and handling leave room for yet higher performance. In even in its basic version, the GT S boasts impressive engine performance, but the MANSORY engine department knows how to unlock a few extra power reserves in the V8 twin turbo engine. The main components of performance optimisation are larger turbochargers as well as a sport exhaust system made from stainless steel. When combined with a sports air filter, this is responsible for the powerful, robust sound of the 4.0-litre aggregate. These components are precisely tuned to work in union using a new mapping system for the engine’s electronics. With a peak performance of 730 PS / 537 kW, the MANSORY engine exactly meets the wishes of its clientèle who have sporting ambitions. The uprated Gran Turismo offers exquisite performance figures: The two-seater only requires 3.4 seconds to go from 0 – 100 km/h and with a top speed of 330 km/h, even the basic model of the MANSORY refined GT S is streets ahead.


Another highlight of the refinements is the lightweight metal wheels featuring the name SPYDER . At the front, the recommended wheel-tyre combination is 9.5×21 inches with tyres featuring the dimensions 245/35ZR21. At the rear, 10.5×21 large rims with a tyre size of 305/25ZR21 are put to use. As an alternative, MANSORY also offers ‘10-spoke central lock rims’. This model of rims is especially lightweight due to the way they are manufactured using forging technology. This reduces the unsprung mass, improving the handling, acceleration and braking response of the sports car yet further in an appreciable way. MANSORY recommends the following combinations: 9×20 inches with 275/30/20 tyres on the front axle, and 10.5×21 with 305/25/21 tyres on the rear axle. The wheel-tyre combination and chassis springs help lower the sports car to leave a lasting impression.


In the interior, MANSORY has created a control centre to unify functionality and comfort. The sports steering wheel designed especially for the Mercedes AMG GT features a carbon inlay and the aluminium pedals guarantee full control over the vehicle. The interior simultaneously exudes pure luxury. Almost all interior furnishing components have been masterfully created by hand from leather and top-quality MANSORY carbon fabric. Precisely embroidered logos and illuminated door sills perfectly round off the refinement programme.

You will find more information about the exclusive MANSORY programme on the website