Update1 – Ferrari 458 Widebody by MISHA Designs Is Shockingly Sexy Redesign

Updated with 16 new photos from Misha Designs. 

A gorgeous car-mod crew is evolving — right before our eyes!

Misha Designs out of LA has been on the custom supercar scene for years now, but has limited its scope — until recently — to wheels, stance and lower-body mods. Panameras, SLS AMGs, 911 Turbos and the rest of the usual Lambo suspects have been under the knife over at Misha on La Cienega Blvd.

All those upgrades just seem like training for the main event now.  Seeing the MISHA 458 widebody is a clear signal of the talent and ambition of the firm.

Why such gushing praise!?  Look at this machine!  From the new hood chiseling, mean all-carbon nose, widebody front and rear fenders… and that all new tail!  A gigantic wind-swept vertical wing is the one part F40, one part LeMans racer…. and is a dramatic crown for the all-new tail, central spine in body-color, and full rear ventwork taking the place of the standard bumper.  A massive custom diffuser down below completes the eye-popping makeover.

Custom-created for the Toyo Tires SEMA 2015 booth, the MISHA 458 was put together with the help of custom creative agency CarNinja and a variety of sponsors, noted below.

It is unclear if this 458 by MISHA Designs is in series production or was a pure one-off.  Either way, with the right briefcase full of cash in the trunk of your 458… a mirror image of this car could be yours!

Photo credits:  all images c/o CarNinja and MISHA Designs, with selected credits to Ted7 Photography and ItzKirb Photography.

Ferrari 458 Widebody by MISHA Designs

MISHA Designs’ limited edition widebody Ferrari 458 project with help from our SEMA sponsors:


Savini Wheels,


Specialty Car Craft Motor Group,

DBX – DiamondBlackExteriors

Apa America

More info available at 


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