Porsche 911 GT3 RS by KAEGE Track Attack Pack: Exhaust, Carbon Intake and Liteblox Li-ion Battery

Unlike most customs and their headline power bumps, this GT3 RS upgrade by KAEGE is quite modest by the numbers.  About 40 extra ponies are liberated from the 415-horsepower factory engine via simple airflow management.  A new track-ready pair of KW springs, BBS alloys and racing clutch are quite focused and effective track mods.



All brand car import, tuning, (re)construction, service for racing aims or special retrofitting for utility vehicles – the KAEGE GmbH Company at Stetten/Palatinate with its managing director Roger KAEGE and his team fulfills (nearly) each kind of customer’s desire with passion, masterly know-how and individual care.

“Subject of experiment” this time was a GT3 RS Porsche with 3.6 liters engine capacity and 415 HP (= 305 kW) nominal power. Once more, the KAEGE team has succeeded to transform the Swabian bolide by club sports packet into a “radicalized” street car or – with other words – into a real so called “tracktool”. Sound and look are by nature already not to be ignored, are nearly incomparable ones.

For further optimization, the KAEGE crew has installed a M+M muffler system with fan type exhaust manifold and 200 cells cats, from which results a more of engine power of 8 HP with weight reduction by 7 kgs in the same time. Now, the sound sent into the surroundings is really exceptional. Another 7 more-HP brings a made of carbon fiber air box, ensuring higher air inlet. In order to optimize the weight distribution from rear to front, the hydraulic pump has been changed by an electrical power steering pump. Thus, the response behavior could be improved and the power per wheel increased by another 10 HP. Besides the modified air filters, the installation of a Sachs sports clutch lightens the flywheel mass and thus the vehicle weight. The remodeling of the gear shift to CAE-Shifter has shortened the distance from steering wheel to gearshift lever and additionally shortened the shift travel.

The especially made for KAEGE BBS racing sports rims in 9×19 and 12.5×19 reduce the unsprung masses by 9 kgs, lending also the desired racing look. The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 type tires with typical for Porsche N-code warrants for the indispensable grip. An adapted especially for the Stetten Company aluminum made triple KW competition chassis with completely uniball suspended transverse control arms and track rods ensure the extraordinary road holding.

The installation of a Liteblox lithium ions battery brings along weight reduction by another 15 kgs. Furthermore, the vehicle weight is reduced by again 20 kgs in the result of some other “losses of weight”, e. g. by demounting the navi device and by modifying the impact protection.

KAEGE does not leave the interior “unscathed”, of course. The adequate interior look is warranted by a. o. retro-style checkered fabric upholstered light construction seats. The center console, the rollover bar and some of the interior parts are painted in car color. Moreover, the steering wheel has been taken from the 4-liters GT3 and the trunk has been anonymized. And last not least the highlight: for the journey to the race track, the tuning experts top the bargain by adding a travel and helmet bag matching to the seat upholstery!

For more information about this GT3 RS, which by the way is looking forward to be transformed in 2016 into a 4.3 liters engine with 520 HP, please contact directly

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Pictures: KAEGE Automobile GmbH