700HP BMW M4R by Carbonfiber Dynamics

Certainly a “lot of look” going on here!  As a showpiece for Carbonfiber Dynamics, however, perhaps that is the goal.  Combining and refining the best of the world’s tuner upgrades — under one roof and customized for your ride.

Favorite elements?  Definitely the bright tirewall letters, the under-spoiler branding, and the very powerful stance from the M4’s waist down.

BMW M4R by Carbonfiber Dynamics


CARBONFIBER DYNAMICS M4R project – BMW M4 up to 700 hp

As well known, the renowned Carbonfiber Dynamics Company located far outside of Dortmund, is specialized on sales and distribution of different top carbon fiber brands all over Europe. The weight reduction, coming along with carbon-fiber-made vehicle conversion, is first of all good for the car’s performance. In spite of each kind of sportiveness, beauty and elegance are also profitable. When the noble composite, as carbon fiber is, was used in the past above all in fields of motor sports, tuning experts use it now more and more in automobile everyday life. Today, the Dortmund team around Managing Director Constans JERSCH and Malte SCHUETT and the marketing strategist Jannis JERSCH can fulfill even the most eccentric customer desires by help of carbon lamination.

This time, the object of passion is a BMW F82, better known as M4 for many of us. The undertaking has got the in-house designation Project M4R. Let’s begin at the very front. Here, Carbonfiber Dynamics has installed a completely carbon fiber made Varis Carbon front lip in aggressive look with perfect fitting accuracy with additional sticking on, in order to increase the surface pressure on the front axle. The also completely carbon fiber in VSDC light construction procedure made System-2 bonnet of the same manufacturer has an additional aeration. With only a small aerodynamic effect, the Varis Carbon side sills are the optical junction between front lip and diffuser. The latter, in its turn, is a completely made of Varis Carbon fiber highly functional System-1 diffuser, covering the rear floor assembly together with exhaust system, thus warranting for more surface pressure on the rear axle. The rear apron, to be compared with a performance diffuser, is more likely for look than for function. Furthermore, the adjustable carbon fiber rear wing “made in Germany” by Alpha-N is likewise efficient concerning the surface pressure on the rear axle, as it is an eye-catching element of vehicle look. Also the Boca Design high-kick carbon rear spoiler leaps to the eye with its sportive look – similar to performance spoilers. Not to forget the side gills and the mirror caps, also carbon made, of course.

The Dortmund Carbonfiber Dynamics crew has also performed motor and suspension modifications. In this frame were installed a Burger Motorsport JB4 with fine adjustment and CANBUS command, eight different maps (performance from everyday use until racing, low torque, meth), meth command (when meth empty, then less of manifold pressure) incl. Delete R (down pipe) and AGA valve command. The enlarged air inlet, also coming from Burger Motorsport, is fitted with mushroom shaped filters. The same manufacturer delivers the aluminum charge pipes with meth adapter (the original parts are made of plastics and crack under higher charge air pressure) and the meth-kit with 9 liters tank and 50/50 mix (commanded via JB4). The TurboEngineers have made the turbo charger upgrade: The M4-charger TTE6xx has a bigger CNC milled compressor, a bigger turbine with turbine grinding, gap optimized compressor side, CNC milled compressor and turbine casing and CNC ported intake manifold.

The 3.2 kgs Akrapovic down pipe ensures a power plus of 17.2 kW at 5,800 rpm or 28.7 Nm at 4,950 rpm, respectively. The Lightweight exhaust system “made in Germany” with titanium made axle back exhaust (40 % of weight reduction compared with stainless steel) and the valve command for adaption to serial connector and four 8 mm stainless steel made mat end pipes govern 6.5 of more-HP or 4.5of more Nm in comparison to M4R. As fast as possible, a 14 discs Dodson Motorsport clutch will be installed, because it is dimensioned for 1,050 Nm of torque. During a previous test drive, the measured 827 Nm of torque have brought the original clutch slowly but surely near to the limits of its stress capacity. Currently the M4 is running at almost 600 horsepower although the previous test runs were done at only 1.8 bar boost pressure. By increasing the boost to 2.3 bar and optimizing software plus petrol in combination with the usage of full methanol the targeted goal of 700 hp seems quite realistic.

The BBS platinum silver CI-R rims in 20 inches captivate not only by their distinctive typical for BBS Y-shaped spokes, but they are also fitted with a number of technical finesses. In this frame, weight reduction has highest priority. Thanks to the approved flow forming technology and spokes with relief milling, the CI-R rims become absolute light construction wheels with changeable stainless steel bumper buffer device. The wheels are dressed with appropriate Toyo Tires Proxes T1 sports tires. This perfectly optimized by Carbonfiber Dynamics wheel-tire-combination is combined with the only since March 2016 free on the market available prototype of Bilstein B16 damp tronic coilovers as active suspension solution for BMW-M4 chassis with serial EDC (Electronic Damper Control). And for the “species appropriate” mastery of the bolide, the prototype was equipped with the first Mov’it brake for F82 M4 in general. It has 6-piston calipers and 392 mm friction rings on the front and 4-piston calipers and 380 mm friction rings on the rear axle.

As readily to be realized, the team has spared neither trouble nor expense, in order to materialize the Project M4R in a proper way. More details about this BMW F82 M4 and the manifold conversion possibilities, a. o. using carbon and/or Kevlar made hang-on parts, please contact directly

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Pictures: Carbonfiber Dynamics