2016 Nissan WINTER WARRIORS! Murano, Pathfinder and Rogue Get DOMINATOR Tracks

nissan murano winter warrior gifNissan just revealed three deeply cool concepts for the Chicago Auto Show!

These three comfy family crossovers might be slightly unlikely candidates for tank tracks, and that is what makes them so cool.

The Winter Warriors are crossovers upgraded with black wraps, Nissan accessories and Dominator brand truck tracks.  Sleek red foil wraps look shimmery over dechromed V-motion grilles.  On a white backdrop with dark tints all around makes these quite captivating to see.   Our favorite part of the new look — besides the tracks! — might be the extended V shape in black up the hoods of the machines.  It is a cool idea for DIY guys.

Check out the action video below, along with 60 pics of what was undoubtedly a very fun adventure — driving UP the ski slopes!

2016 Nissan WINTER WARRIOR Concepts



Nissan unleashes trio of aggressive “Winter Warrior” concepts just in time for the Chicago Auto Show

  • Custom-built Pathfinder, Murano and Rogue ready to conquer extreme winter weather with full snow track systems
  • Transformation from stock to “Warrior” mode includes Nissan Design America (NDA) – designed custom body wraps and full use of Genuine Nissan Accessories for the outdoor enthusiast
  • Winter Warrior trio draws attention to record-breaking sales of new Murano and Rogue crossovers in 2015 and full crossover lineup in 2016

CHICAGO – There’s winter, then there’s Warrior Winter. Snowfall, ice, drifts – conditions that challenge even the most capable of all-wheel drive vehicles. But not these aggressive Nissan models.


In celebration of the Chicago Auto Show, Nissan is giving three of its popular crossovers a little competitive edge – creating one-off versions of its popular Pathfinder, Murano and Rogue equipped with sets of heavy-duty snow tracks. The three custom Nissan “Winter Warrior” crossovers are ready to tackle even the record-breaking snowfalls experienced by many parts of the country already this year.

“Rogue, Murano and Pathfinder are proven all-wheel-drive crossovers that are very popular with customers, judging from exceptional sales results in 2015 and now in January 2016,” said Christian Meunier, senior vice president, Nissan Sales & Marketing and Operations, Nissan North America, Inc. “With the Winter Warriors, we wanted to take that idea to the extreme, enhancing the vehicles’ advanced systems with special snow tracks, Genuine Nissan Accessories, and a custom exterior appearance.”

All three Nissan Winter Warriors feature custom heavy-duty track systems with custom matte-black finish frames. The DOMINATOR® Tracks, from American Track Truck, Inc., are 48 inches long, 30 inches high and 15 inches wide and replace the vehicles’ wheels and tires. The suspensions and wheel wells were modified to fit the snow tracks, but otherwise all drivetrain components, including the engines and Xtronic transmissions, are factory fresh.

Nissan Design America (NDA) created identical, custom matte red-chrome body wraps featuring a unique “track” design and Nissan “Winter Warrior” signage. A range of Genuine Nissan Accessories are also fitted to the three Winter Warriors, including cargo area protectors, all-season floor mats, roof rail crossbars and rear bumper protectors. They also each feature 9×9-foot hatch tents for true hardcore winter camping enthusiasts.

“With their solid Nissan underpinnings and exceptional ground clearance, these Winter Warriors are serious, extreme weather machines, not toys,” said Meunier. “But, they sure are fun – just like our entire lineup of family adventure-ready Pathfinders, Muranos and Rogues that you can drive straight off the showroom floor.”

Nissan SUV and crossovers have experienced record sales in recent years. In 2015, Murano sales increased 33 percent, while Rogue set an all-time record of more than 287,000 units – an increase of 44 percent. The sales momentum has continued in 2016 with a record-setting month for Pathfinder, Rogue and Murano, to the tune of 5 percent, 26 percent and 46 percent increases, respectively.

Nissan Winter Warriors Specifications


Base Vehicles: Nissan Rogue
Nissan Murano
Nissan Pathfinder


Track System: DOMINATOR® Tracks, American Track Truck, Inc., Chassell, Mich.


Wrap Design: Designed by Nissan Design America, La Jolla, Calif.
Fabricated and applied by 12-Point SignWorks, Franklin, Tenn.
Custom Matte Red Chrome finishing, including additional graphics that feature a unique black “track” design and Nissan “Winter Warrior” logos

2016 Nissan Rogue WINTER WARRIOR Concept

Accessories: Yakima Big Powderhound ski/snowboard rack
Genuine Nissan Accessories
Vehicle Part Part #
Rogue All-Season Floor Mats (4-piece / Black) 999E1-G2000
Roof Rail Crossbars 999R1-G2500
9 x 9 Hatch Tent 999T7-XY200
Carpeted Cargo Protector (2-row/2-piece) Beige 999C3-G3001
Chrome rear bumper protector 999T6-G2000
Murano Cargo Area Protector Black 999E4-C3000
Cargo Organizer 999C2-C3000
All-Season Floor Mats (4-piece / Black) 999E1-C3000
9 x 9 Hatch Tent 999T7-XY200
Roof Rail Crossbars Silver (2-piece set) 999R1-C3501
Satin Chrome Rear Bumper Protector 999B1-C3400
Pathfinder Cargo Area Protector 999C3-X3000
All-Season Floor Mats (4-piece / Charcoal) 999E1-XZ000
Hood Protector 999D5-X2100
9 x 9 Hatch Tent 999T7-XY200
Stainless Steel Rear Bumper Protector 999T6-XZ000
Bright Silver (2-piece set) 999R1-XZ500
Side Window Defectors (4 pc set) 999D3-XZ000


Track Width:
(with track system)
Rogue – 85.0 in.
Murano – 88.0 in.
Pathfinder – 89.0 in.


Ground Clearance:
(with track system)
Rogue – 14.1 in.
Murano – 13.4 in.
Pathfinder – 13.5 in.