Daytona Icons – Jaegermeister 1979 Porsche 935 K3 Kremer


I don’t care how many racecars or exotics you have driven or loved.

Nothing in this universe can prepare you for the Kremer 935 K3 Porsche.

The fire-spitting widebody raced at the Daytona 24-hour in 1981 after two years of fine-tuning in German race series. There, the original 911 under all the bespoke bodywork became virtually unrecognizable. Drilled lightweighting, massive widebody additions, ground-effect aero, slatted and active aero vents across the entire slantnose.  And that is just the front!

Around back, the flared fenders with their integrated winglets on top come into view.  Or the magnesium-alloy BBS wheels with channels to vent air at speed, and conical dishes to radiate out heat and cool down from red-hot race temps.  This, it turns out, is where the wheel style that dominated the next decade, originated!

And get ready for more wildness in the tail.  A spoiler as tall as a 3-metre ladder, quad exhaust pipes and dedicated BOV chutes below…. the list of intricate — and race-winning — details continues on and on.

This exceptionally rapid racecar was a bit cranked past its breaking point at the long and ultra-fast Daytona speedway.  The Jaeger 935 bowed out of the race with engine problems.

The heat this beauty puts in the heart of any race fan?  Still burns bright in 2016.


Daytona Icons – Jaegermeister 1979 Porsche 935 K3 Kremer

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