Concept Flashbacks – 2001 SEAT TANGO Trio – Cabrio, Roadster and Coupe Made Racy, Avante-Garde Superminis

Here is the next evolution of the SEAT cabrio design concepts from around the turn of the century: the 2001 Tango twins.

The Tango itself is a sexy expression of ultra-modern, flowing and intersecting surfaces. There is almost an abstract artistry to the hyper-curved elements of the Tango’s nose and hood. A nice aero strake is also a trademark part of the design theme shown here. The rounded hood and front arch then flows back and downward toward the rear axle. It is a nice look and one that translated directly to a generation of SEAT production cars very nicely.

The design is exceptionally flexible and versatile, with the same general style applied to everything from superminis to minivans. Unfortunately, that did dull some of its curb appeal for buyers.

The single-seat Tango Roadster was perhaps the pinnacle expression of this style for road cars — but the new seat shape also looked mighty sexy on BTCC and other touring cars!  These were previewed at the same time by a concept called the Tango Coupe.

 2001 SEAT Tango Coupe


 2001 SEAT Tango Roadster


 2001 SEAT Tango Cabrio