680HP, 199MPH 2016 VÄTH Mercedes-AMG C63-RS Delivers Massive Performance Gains for Minimal Cash

VAETH is quickly becoming a favorite among the German customs scene.  Why?  The umlaut dots, of course in the name!  VÄTH = VATH = VAETH, by the way.  All the same powermad crew.

For the new C63 AMG sedan and coupe, Vaeth has a $5k stage one mod focused on the engine programming and oil system tweaks. THe result is a bump from the 4.0-liter V6TT’s stock outputs of 477HP and 510HP (for the C63-S) up to a very potent 609 ponies. All to the back wheels via the latest sportshift automatic and active vectoring differential, this will make sideways thrills even more easily-provoked than ever.

This is great value overall versus some of the other upgrade packages, and even some of the other tweaks available from VAETH on these hot new Mercs.

A deluxe upgrade called V63RS takes maximum power up to a superb 680 stallions, and the top speed of the car to a very serious 199-mph.

No price on that RS pack that reworks the intakes, downpipes and exhausts, but we’d estimate about $10k total.

Tweaks to the cabin of the C63 are far less exciting, and far more expensive for what you get.  A new speedometer reading up to 224-mph seems like a simple thing… but rings in more than two grand with installation, which is kindof a bummer. But anyone who has attempted to take apart a Mercedes gauge cluster will know why:  TIME and SKILL!  These cars are not snap-fit and this element is not a DIY job.  But the engine mods?  Can be shipped and installed almost anywhere.

We wish the very-subtle AMG upgrades for the new C63 versus the regular C-Class were more overt, but the model is still brand new. Look for some sweet aero flics, spats and wing in the future.

For outright pace in sprints and at dawn on the autobahn, however, the core value of the V63S engine package for the C63 AMG is clear to see.  And hear.  And feel!

If not touch and smell… but those missing senses join the fun after a few parking-lot pirouettes!


2016 VÄTH Mercedes-AMG C63-RS



With the car and engine engineering, the VAETH Company from Hoesbach, near Aschaffenburg, Germany, has reached worldwide reputation. Whenever – relating to branded Mercedes-Benz cars – it comes to car ennobling, power uprating, exhaust systems, chassis, aluminum rims, carbon fiber aerodynamics, interior and many more, the Lower Franconia team with its worldwide dealer network is your perfect contact partner.

This time, a C 63 AMG (based upon 477 / 511 HP) was “caught”. Now, by means of V63S tuning kit, containing the engine electronics individual fine tuning, Vmax unlocking and VAETH oil cooling installation, the hardly four liters of engine capacity will render 609 HP (= 448 kW) with 810 Nm of torque and – depending on tire speed rating – Vmax of 300 to 320 kmph (186…199 mph). For this, 3,950.00 Euro and 350.00 Euro for mounting are brought to account. If needed, you can chose also a kit named V 63 RS, giving 660 to 680 HP by help of optimized turbochargers and down pipe.

Such an ample performance like this demands brake optimizing with steel flex tubes, vehicle type approval and Castrol SRF racing brake fluid in a nearly obligatory way, to have for 450.00 Euro plus 200.00 Euro for mounting. The sportive and, nevertheless, comfortable and safe lowering by 15…40 mm demands 690.00 Euro with lowering springs and coilover plus 365.00 Euro for mounting including axle alignment. Let’s now have a look at the offered by VAETH single-part wheels in silver or black, dimensioned 9.0Jx20, for 420.00 Euro per piece, mounting set included. As appropriate tires 255/30ZR20 for front and 275/30ZR20 for rear axle are recommended.

Besides speedometer extension to 360 kmph for 1,290.00 Euro plus 100.00 Euro mounting, an aluminum pedal set is available for automatics car interior for 150.00 Euro plus 30.00 Euro mounting. And finally, there is a set of wear resistant black velour foot mats with silver VAETH logo for 190.00 Euro.

The mentioned above (net) prices are understood to be exclusive of the statutory value-added tax. For further information concerning this Mercedes-AMG C 63 please contact directly

VAETH Automobiltechnik GmbH
Aschaffenburger Str. 75
D-63768 Hoesbach
Tel. +49 60 21 / 4 54 74 -0
Fax +49 60 21 / 4 54 74 26
E-mail info@vaeth.com
Internet: http://www.vaeth.com

Photos: Jordi Miranda