BENGALA Auto Design – Widebody Boutique Prelaunch Gallery

Gorgeous needs no introduction…

Some delicious visions from the talented Bengala Automotive Design in Madrid today, with the LF-A, P1 and Huracan widebodies particularly stunning.



BENGALA Auto Design – Widebody Boutique Prelaunch Gallery


Bengala Automotive Design S.L. is a privately owned Company dedicated to the Design & Customization of High-end Luxury Vehicles.

Our market is currently segmented in two different areas, Luxury and Semi-Luxury.

Brands which compose this first segment include Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche. While our Semi-Luxury Projects cover brands such as Mercedes-AMG,Audi and BMW.

Today we work with customers in Europe and Middle East. Our expansion plans include serving existing potential customers in the USA, Canada, China and other Asian markets.

Bengala’s Headquarters and Design Studios are located in Madrid (Spain). Our Engineering and Manufacturing process takes place in Madrid by a highly qualified team of professionals with extensive experience in the market.

Our vision is based on what we call exclusivity over exclusivity, adding value to what we consider Masterpieces in an elegant way yet increasing aggressiveness on looks and performance.

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