JOTA is Back in HUNT! 2016 Jaguar XJR Dragraces JetMan Dubai



Not XF or XE.

This is the big daddy superlimo, the XJR, in rare form!

Jaguar has really upped its content-creation budget, and we are all the beneficiaries!

The new XJR driven by F1 legend Martin Brundle races aginst Yves Rossy in a 1.75-mile matchup. The four rockets of the ‘jetman’ are all fired and pushing hard as the new XJR stomps the gas, with the winner declared at a finish line deep in the sandy horizon.

The XJR is showcasing its latest rear-drive power and launch traction, courtesy of a new ASPC (all surface progress control) that lets the stonking 5.0-liter supercharged V8 put down huge power even in low-grip conditions.

This is a big advancement. It is a supercomputer versus most ESP and TCS systems, that just pump the brakes and cut the ingnition timing to regain grip when times are tough.  This new system is much more thorough: it continuously monitors how much possible power can be put down in any condition, and does just that automatically.

Certainly looks promising!  And the new XJR is no wallflower either: the gorgeous new LEDs and superposh blackout of the trims look stellar beside the car’s low and wide stance on the roads. Check out the video — it is a fun showcase of man/machine in dueling harmonies.

Overall, it is great to have the new XJR back in the conversation versus Panamera Turbos, S63s and S8s.


2016 Jaguar XJR Drag Races a Rocketeer

F1 Star Martin Brundle and New Jaguar XJR Take On High-Flying ‘Jetman’ In World-First Desert Drag Race

  • Martin Brundle drives new 2016 model year Jaguar XJR in 1.75-mile live car race against ‘Jetman’ Yves Rossy in the Dubai desert
  • Head-to-head race demonstrates the benefits of lightweight construction on agility, performance and control in the air and on the road
  • Sandy conditions offer a clear demonstration of the benefits of the Jaguar XJ’s new All Surface Progress Control (ASPC)
  • New short film captures the action

Thursday 10th December, Dubai: The Jetman Dubai pilot Yves Rossy, took on his first ever live race when he went head-to-head against a Jaguar XJR driven by former Formula One star Martin Brundle in a unique contest deep in the Dubai desert.

Brundle, who drove in F1 alongside Michael Schumacher and is now a commentator, had the new all-aluminium 550PS, 5.0-litre Supercharged V8 Jaguar XJR at his disposal while Rossy was strapped to his 2m-wide fixed wing, powered by four Jet-Cat superchargers.

Brundle was helped off the line by the XJ’s innovative All Surface Progress Control (ASPC), a high-tech system that automatically limits traction loss on the rear-wheel drive car at low speeds on slippery surfaces, maximising grip in tough conditions.


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