Concept Flashback – 1988 ITALDESIGN Aztec – Twin-Cowl Design Full of Ideas and Impact


This Aztec is the first of two from the design studio’s 1988 releases — and is a huge piece of automotive coolness that might otherwise be lost to the ages.

It is hard to get psyched about 80s concepts sometimes, but this Aztec’s influence on SO MANY CARS of the 1990s is clear as day. Camaro, Corvette, Probe, RX-7, MX-5… the list goes on and on.

The mid-engine concept car runs a 250-horsepower Audi-sourced engine, but its most memorable part is the glasshouse.

Twin mini windshields wrap around both passenger compartments, and open upward in butterfly arcs as the main doors extend out normally.

It is quite a site, and the roof-less aesthetic makes the most of this ItalDesign Aztec’s bullet-like shape.

Concept Flashback – 1988 ITALDESIGN Aztec