RingBrothers SPLITR Carbon Mustang on HRE RB Edition Wheels

If you loved the previous RingBrothers HRE special, steady your heart for its even-meaner brother!

Dubbed SPLITR, this is another flawless carbon-fiber and CNC-milled bespoke Mustang from heaven.

Another fairy patriotic livery for this SPLITR, with exposed cabon-fiber elements and unique lighting making it feel very special indeed.

These two are breathtakers, for sure.

They launch the RingBrothers RB Edition wheel line from HRE, with four cuts in 19-22-inch sizes and dozens of finishes.

Besides the incredibly intense stance and traction setup of this red RingBrothers Mustang, the exquisite adjustable trunk wing is a major highlight in a jungle of exotic details throughout both cars.






RingBrothers SPLITR Carbon Mustang for HRE Wheels

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