First Drive Review, Video and Pricing – 2016 Hyundai TUCSON Limited 1.6T AWD DCT

First spin in the new Tucson and verrrry impressed!  The loaded test car ran a superb turbo 1.6 through a new dual-clutch 7-speed automatic — creating a bit of a GTI in a crossover shell.

Granted, as you can see in the pricing by trimline below, the Tucson does get a bet pricey with the upgraded engine and automatic, plus another grand for AWD. Base for the Tucson Limited is $32k.

Which would seem crazy for the old Tucson. But this new model is completely redone — now becoming the widest car in its class and one that feels massive from the front cabin. All the new cabin elements are right out of the Genesis school of thought, with great tactility and control quality all around. Like the Genesis, the cabin is more plush in person than in photos.

The new Tucson just topped the RAV4 and CR-4 for driving fun, and even passes the CX-5 on our top crossovers shortlist. It is that good.


PRICING – 2016 Hyundai Tucson

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