4.0s ZENDER Alfa Romeo 4C is Hardcore Style and Speed Upgrade

ZENDER Alfa Romeo 4C

Holy Dino, Batman!

Zender just released details on its Alfa Romeo 4C upgrades — and they are ridiculously sexy and desirable.

But first: have you seen a 4C up close yet? The 4C Coupe and Spider are ridiculously hot and exotic in the flesh. With the new LEDs and headlamps up front, the design is even more fantastic than this 2015 4C Coupe from Italy.

The 4C is so intense and a true Ferrari cousin in the flesh because of its mid-engine proportions, obscenely low rood and comical overall width. The 4C feels dramatically lower, shorter but MUCH wider than a Porsche 911 Carrera, for comparison of exotics.

And for the $65k or so that the 4C costs in the USA, few cars are anywhere near as exotic. Perhaps the new Corvette in terms of sheer car-guy appeal… but even the C7 can’t translate the emotions you feel when seeing and hearing the raspy rocket for the first time.

If there is a demerit for the factory machine, it could be the last 10-percent of visual intensity. And sprint pace ferocity. And aural delights, too. While all are good as delivered, there is clearly huge room for a track-attack variant. Zender takes a slight step in that direction: a bump in HP to 275 thanks to a sport ECU programming module.  The ultra light weight of the 4C means 275 ponies will punt the Alfa to 60-mph in just above 4.0-seconds. That is about a half-second gain over the normal 4C. The ultra-strong CF tub and bodywork of the Alfa 4C feel more than ready for extra power to get dangerously close to Ferrari and Maserati. Supercar thrills, indeed.

The ZENDER exterior makeover consists of a dozen or more upgrades: all-new front bumper with active intakes, deeper splitter and extra cooling capacity. Around the side, the Zender 4C wears a gorgeous new pair of sill intake flanks. The shape of these all-new ducts matches the pinched shoulder muscles of the stock lines above the rear fenders — all syncing gorgeously together.

Around back, a CF trunklip spoiler is joined by a fabulous exposed-carbon diffuser and rear bumper redesign.

Without a doubt — the results are shockingly effective at cranking the 4C closer to supercars by all sensory measures.ZENDER Alfa Romeo 4Cdfs

Best of all? The full kit or a la carte CF upgrades from Zender are direct fits for the original 4C, plus the revamped-LEDs 4C Coupe and Spider on the 2016 Fiat USA price lists.

Shoppers within Europe can have the upgrades fitted at the Zender shops in Germany or Italy. Overseas shoppers can have the pieces delivered to their preferred auto customs shop for local installation and paint matching.


ZENDER Alfa Romeo 4C

The perfect balance between performance, speed and aesthetics: it is the Alfa Romeo 4C by Zender

The perfect balance between performance, speed and aesthetics, the jewel of mechanics in which the form is modeled on the substance without however becoming mere function.
It is the Alfa Romeo 4C by Zender, the super-sport coupé with its irresistibly aggressive charm.

The philosophy of the 4C is to get the best power / weight ratio: Zender has thus improved the driving experience of the Alfa by making use of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, and slightly increasing the power – bringing the power to weight ratio up from about 3.73 kg / hp to 3.23 kg / hp.

The light and of all substance supersports car is the living expression of the mechanics of emotions, with a unique design developed by following Alfa Romeo’s founding principles.


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