2016 BMW 750Li Stars in Massive New Photoshoot

Updated 9.7.15

The new 7 Series is here!

This is a major update — firmly on the ‘revolution’ side of the typical BMW model evolution. Not a piece of exterior shared with the current range, this new 750 headlines with 250-pounds of weight loss via the new carbon/steel/aluminum platform.

Is this new ‘carbonium’ a woven mix of aluminum and carbon-fiber? Something out of CyberDyne Systems?


This new carbon-fiber is industrially-produced using large-scale methods of the BMW i3 and i8, Boeing tech partnership and Toray Industries materials expertise.

The passenger cell sides and doorframes appear to be the primary recipients of CFRP structural materials, with steel and aluminum used strategically for the front/rear subframes.

The idea of multi-material construction is to optimize every element of the unibody to excel at its specific purpose. Sometimes that means heavier steel, sometimes lighter but more fragile aluminum. You can be sure a long list of other exotic earth metals are under there as well — with magnesium a favorite for dashboards and steering columns.

So how new is the rest of the 7 Series? BMW’s reveal is downloading 2.2GB for 400 new images as we type – and we’re excited to unzip this special delivery!

2016 BMW 750Li Exterior Photos

2016 BMW 750Li Interior Photos


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