2015 Peugeot FRACTAL Concept – Modular Cabrio Previews 2017 209 and RC-Z Replacement

fractalHere is a gorgeous bit of unsanctioned, uncaptioned news!  All 25 photos of Peugeot’s upcoming Frankfurt concept car are live a bit early this morning. And they show some sweet, sexy new angles for next-gen Pugs!

The Fractal concept is the first near-production application of the blocky, angular and geometric new design ethos seen on the Exalt concept, 2008 DKR racer and a few other concepts recently, including the Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo hypercar.

An ultra-wide but very low and lean design, the shape is unlike anything else on the market — and is beautifully executed to help the lion brand shed its previous melty sheetmetal aesthetic.

The biggest unique element of a fairly standard three-door hot hatch layout comes in the roof, which appears to be a few a removable clear moonroof panels that can be popped off and stowed like a targa top.  Then, a folding fabric element open the entire cabin to sun and windy bliss.2015 Peugeot FRACTAL Concept 24

But about that layout and proportion. On second look, the Fractal is quite special. A very long dash-to-axle ratio makes the car feel much sportier and rear-drive than current French front-drivers. The chopped overhang up front is matched by a similarly short one out back. The combination looks expensive and desirable — more so than even the new Audi TT.

A four-seater, the Fractal’s roof design is a double benefit:

— it lets the hot hatch be an open car without worrying about a softtop ruining the looks or cabin space, a la Golf Cabriolet.   While the top is part hard panels, it is part fabric and folds behind the seats into a special hard-tonneau trunk bin.

— it also lets the Peugeot interior design team’s work stand proud and visible on the auto show stand.

And this cabin is every bit as exciting and fresh as the exterior.

Watch this space for official updates as they become available. Until then, enjoy this swet glimpse at the next Peugeot designs coming to the 2017 209 and 2018 309.



2015 Peugeot FRACTAL Concept